Make Him Feel Like a King With 12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for a Husband

Twelve years of marriage! Bet there were times you thought you’d never make it! Time for a celebration and the exchanging of gifts. Luckily for you, there are a number of themes you can follow, or you might want to go it alone, and pick a gift you know will surprise him. Whatever your situation, we’re here to offer some friendly help, and make your quest a little easier.

The traditional themes for your husband’s twelfth wedding anniversary gift are silk and fine linen. The modern themes are pearls and colored gems. There is also the peony, which is the anniversary flower, and jade as the 12th anniversary gemstone.

Silk is a very appropriate theme for a twelve year wedding anniversary, as it is elegant, beautiful and very strong. After twelve years of marriage your relationship should match these qualities perfectly. Keep reading if you like the idea of buying him something made using silk, because we’re going to share some of our favorites.

12th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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A practical gift is always going to be a great idea for your husband’s 12 year anniversary gift

When it comes to gifts for men, on the whole they prefer a gift that is practical. Here are some useful silk gifts you can give to your husband:

  • Silk boxer shorts – Buy him these for his 12th wedding anniversary gift, and you won’t be able to keep your hands off
  • Silk pajamas – Cool, yet also warm, and soft and smooth to the touch, you’ll love curling up next to him and he’ll feel like a king in his silk pajamas
  • Silk polo shirt – For the days he feels more casual, a silk shirt will look good on your man
  • Silk shirt and tie – For the days he feels like dressing up, and all those special occasions that require an outfit that is stylish but comfortable
  • Silk scarf – He’ll be reminded of the warmth of your love on the cold days he wears it
  • Silk sheets – Bring a touch of opulence to the bedroom with some silk bed linen

Moving on from silk there are also a number of gifts made using fine linen, that won’t be rejected.

  • Linen bathrobe – Enjoy a steamy shower together in the morning and then give him a new bathrobe to wrap himself up in
  • Linen suit – A suit made using linen will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and will look very classy when your husband wears it
  • Linen covered scrapbook – Buy a scrapbook with a cover made from linen and dig out some of your husband’s favorite photographs to fill it

jade for 12th anniversaryThe modern themes for a 12 year wedding anniversary are pearls and colored gems. You might be thinking that pearls are more of a lady’s kind of gift but a pair of pearl cufflinks, tie pin, or mother of pearl desk accessories might be just what he’s looking for. Is he a board game player? He’s sure to love a backgammon, checker, or chess set with a board inlaid with mother of pearl. If he a war movie buff? Spend the evening curled up on the couch and watch ‘Pearl Harbor’ together. It might not be your kind of movie, but this is a gift for him. And you never know, you might actually enjoy it.
There is another gemstone that is generally linked with twelfth wedding anniversary celebrations – jade.

Twelfth wedding anniversary gifts made of jade

There are heaps of unusual gifts to choose from if you want your husband’s anniversary gift to be made of jade. And it’s not always the most obvious items that will be the best. There is a wide range of jade jewelry, and it is a stone that can be very striking when inlaid into a ring, pendant, bracelet or cufflinks. There are also a number of websites that specialize in jade items, and the list includes jade ashtrays, clocks, carvings, buttons, knives, and we even found a jade Christmas tree.


Another way for you both to celebrate your 12th wedding anniversary

You might want to celebrate in style, with a lavish party, or enjoy a more intimate affair, just the two of you. Start the day with breakfast in bed, move on with lunch and a picnic, and then a candlelight dinner to finish your romantic day in style. It’ll be a good time for you to enjoy each others company, without any distractions. How about planning a trip away from it all, if you can both spare the time. Head for somewhere exotic, or a spot you’ve both longed to visit, and just relax and enjoy your surroundings.

A twelfth wedding anniversary is no less important than any other anniversary year. Spend some time thinking about the gift you give your husband and the day will almost be as good as your wedding day.