Choose a More Environmentally Sound Gift for Your Husband’s 14th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional theme for a 14th wedding anniversary is ivory. Not a very ethical purchase so you’re probably wondering whether there are any other options. Trade in ivory has become a very controversial subject, and although it has been traded for hundreds of years, today there are a number of restrictions and bans in place to restrict the buying and selling of ivory tusks worldwide.

There won’t be many people reading this that will be unmoved by the endangerment of some of our most precious species, which is why we’ve decided to devote this page to eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional theme.

14th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


golf ball

Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

  • a genuine golf ball and tee both dipped in 24k gold
  • a perfect complement to any golfer's display cabinet
  • ideal for mounting on a trophy

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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • produced to tournament grade standards
  • presented in an elegant high quality case

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No animals will be harmed in the making of his 14 year wedding anniversary gift

faux ivory elephant figureBuying your husband a gift made from ivory can be very tricky. Elephant ivory is the most important source, but it also comes from mammoth, hippopotamus, sperm whale, killer whale, narwhal, warthog, and walrus. International and national trade in ivory from African and Asian elephants is illegal. But if you or your husband are concerned about animal rights and all the animals that lose their lives in the making of gifts using ivory, you should consider a gift made of vegetable ivory.

Vegetable ivory or tagua nut, is made from the hard white endosperm of the seeds of certain palm trees. It is called vegetable ivory because it strongly resembles elephant ivory. Vegetable ivory was first used in the 1880s in the manufacture of buttons. Nowadays it can be dyed to bring out the fine marbled grain structure, or left as it is and made into stunning jewelry and artistic carvings.

Here are a few suggestions for an ivory-themed gift:

  • Adopt an elephant or make a donation – The perfect feel good gift for your husband’s 14 year wedding anniversary gift
  • Elephant carving – A way to pay tribute to the species
  • Piano lessons – Ivory is no longer used in the making of piano keys
  • An African safari – See the magnificent creatures in their natural habitat
  • Ivory colored clothing – Enhance his clothing collection with some ivory colored additions
  • Visit a wildlife park – Enjoy a day with the animals that won’t cost a fortune
  • Write a love letter – On some ivory colored stationery
  • Faux-ivory inlaid picture frame – Pick a photograph of the two of you as a way to remind him of the years you’ve enjoyed together
  • Ivory colored bathrobe
  • Faux ivory pen set
  • Ivory colored watch

The modern alternative to the traditional theme is gold jewelry.


A 14 year wedding anniversary gift for your husband made of gold

Gold is a symbol of great value, power, strength, and perfection. All the qualities you’d expect to find in a marriage that has lasted for 14 years. You’ve probably got a few ideas in mind, but let’s give you a few of our favorite suggestions:

  • Gold ring
  • Gold watch
  • Gold cufflinks
  • Gold pocket watch
  • Gold keychain or key ring’
  • Gold necklace

As with many of the other anniversary years, a fourteenth wedding anniversary has a flower and gemstone that are often connected with the event.

A Flower or gem for a 14 year wedding anniversary gift for your husband

Wedding Anniversary Gift Just for HimThe national flower of Mexico, the Dahlia, is the floral symbol for a 14th wedding anniversary. You might be thinking that your husband won’t be impressed with a bouquet, but he might appreciate a living plant for the garden. The dahlia is a symbol of dignity, elegance, and commitment, which perfectly matches the strong bond you’ve developed over the years. If your anniversary is in July then the dahlia will flower every year after on your anniversary, and right up to the first frosts. There are a number of varieties to choose from such as double bloom, or ones with spiky, pointed, or rounded petals, and they come in a wide range of colors.

The gemstone most commonly associated with a 14th wedding anniversary gift is the opal. The internal structure of an opal allows it to diffract light. And depending on the conditions it was formed in, can take on many colors. Colors range from clear through gray, orange, blue, pink, to black. With black opals being the rarest, and green and white ones being the most common. Opals can be added to an item of jewelry for a meaningful 14 year wedding anniversary gift for him. The opal was thought to bring good luck to its wearer, but in more recent years, it has gained a reputation for its supernatural and evil powers. It is also the birthstone for the month of October.

As you can see there are a wide variety of options, if you’d prefer to steer clear of ivory as a 14 year wedding anniversary gift for him. Fourteen years as man and wife are definitely worth celebrating, so make sure you find him the perfect gift.