Communicate Your Love with a Bronze 19th Anniversary Gift for Him

Bronze is a symbol for communication, possibly because it is often used in items such as bells, and cymbals. It is also a theme which has become popular for 19 year anniversary gifts. Wedding anniversaries have been celebrated for centuries, but historically it was only the most significant that received any special recognition. Way back in history, the twenty fifth and fiftieth wedding anniversaries were the most celebrated. A husband would give his wife a garland made of silver or gold to mark the occasion. Over the years more anniversaries received acknowledgement, but there were still plenty that missed out.

Here at we consider every year to be worthy, which is one of the reasons we decided to help all married couples, particularly the ladies, find the perfect anniversary gifts. We’ll look at traditional and modern themes, but also consider flowers and gemstones for your anniversary gifts for him. The modern themes were brought to the attention of the public when the Jewelers of America decided a more comprehensive list was required. And in 1937 the modern list of anniversary themes was born.

For a 19th wedding anniversary the theme for your gift is bronze. Bronze is an alloy of two metals, usually copper and tin. The result is a metal that is really strong, but also durable, and extremely beautiful. These qualities make it the perfect theme for a 19 year wedding anniversary, as they represent the joining of two separate entities, you and your husband, to form one unified and strong bond.

19th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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19th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him made using bronze

Bronze is a very versatile material, and has been used for hundreds of years in a variety of ways. People were able to create much harder and durable objects using bronze than those made before its discovery. Stone and copper were the norm before the Bronze Age. Once bronze had been discovered, it was used for tools, armor, weapons, and building materials. The oldest bronze artifacts ever found came from the Iranian plateau in the 5th millennium BCE. They were made using copper and arsenic, to form copper arsenic, and it was only later that tin was used.

Tin bronze was a much better material, because it was much easier to control the alloying process and create bronze that was much stronger and far easier to cast. The refining process also had the added bonus of no toxic fumes. The earliest tin bronze dates back to 4500 BCE in Serbia. The two ores of tin and copper are not often found together, which has meant that making large quantities of bronze items involved trade. A major source of tin in Europe were deposits found in Cornwall, England. This particular tin was traded as far away as the Eastern Mediterranean.

Now you’re a little more clued up on its history, let’s look at some ideas for bronze 19 year wedding anniversary gifts for your husband.

bronze figure

  • A set of bronze bells – For the musically minded husband
  • A set of bronze singing bowls – For the husband that loves history
  • Bronze sculpture – For the art loving husband
  • Book a sunny vacation – And give your husband the opportunity to lay in the sun and get bronzed
  • Designer sunglasses – With bronze tinted lenses or frames
  • Belt buckle – If your man loves big showy belt buckles pick one that’s made from bronze
  • Money clip – A far more original idea than the usual silver
  • Pocket watch – He’ll be proud to take out his vintage timepiece and show it to all his mates
  • Bronze candlesticks – To take center stage at your anniversary dinner table

If you’re still struggling to find the right idea for your husband’s 19th anniversary gift then keep reading, because we’ve got plenty more to share with you.


The modern gemstone for a 19 year wedding anniversary gift is aquamarine or topaz

19 year wedding anniversary gift is aquamarineFor these two gemstones, the connection with a 19th anniversary gift is rather recent. There is no traditional gemstone for such an occasion, but there are these modern alternatives to fall back on.

Topaz ranges in color from brown to bright yellow, with a blue topaz that looks very similar to aquamarine. Aquamarine is a blue green color and is often associated with the sea. Both stones can be found in a range of sizes and shapes, and are usually made into stunning items of jewelry. Your husband would be impressed with a ring, cufflinks, tie pin or watch that includes one or both of these gemstones.

When it comes to 19 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband don’t be afraid to do something completely different to the traditional ideas. It’s important to find a gift that has special meaning or significance, not one that matches the popular theme. Make something using your own two hands, such as an anniversary scrapbook, and it will hold far more meaning than a gift that cost a few hundred bucks.