Bring Back the Romance with a 22nd Wedding Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

They may not all seem very special, but every wedding anniversary is worthy of recognition. We’d agree that some should be more memorable than others, but each and every one deserves some kind of celebration. Whether it’s your first, fifteenth, twentieth, or twenty second, finding the perfect gift your husband is an important part of the day. The way you choose to mark the occasion will depend on you and your partner’s preferences, your budget, and the time you’ve got available to dedicate to the day. The important thing to remember is to focus on the love you share and enjoy spending time together. And after 22 years as husband and wife, why not take the opportunity to inject a bit of romance to the occasion?

Traditional ways to celebrate a 22nd wedding anniversary with your husband

22 year wedding anniversary gift - dinner outsideThere is no traditional theme for a 22nd wedding anniversary, however the modern theme is copper. Hopefully your husband is the kind of guy who loves to cook up a storm in the kitchen. In which case a set of top quality copper pans could be the order of the day. Or perhaps he’ll enjoy serving up the anniversary dinner on copper rimmed plates. Maybe you could up the romance for your anniversary dinner and give him the gift of a copper fondue. Melted chocolate or cheese, which ever your husband would prefer. If your husband enjoys a round of golf, then consider a new golf club with copper accents.

22nd Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


golf ball

Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

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  • a perfect complement to any golfer's display cabinet
  • ideal for mounting on a trophy

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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
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Enjoy a romantic getaway together for a 22 year wedding anniversary gift

Is there a destination you’ve both been longing to visit? Or perhaps incorporate the theme of copper into a special vacation. Chile, for example, has the largest reserves of copper in the world, so you could make this your destination. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to stay a little closer to home, you could visit a copper mine in your country. And let’s not forget a very famous copper monument – The Statue of Liberty in the City of New York. Whatever location you choose, find accommodation you will both feel comfortable in, and consider an intimate bed and breakfast or luxury hotel, for an added romantic feeling.

The anniversary gemstone for a 22 year anniversary is spinel

spinel for anniversary giftSpinel is a gemstone available in a multitude of colors. Choose one special one or go with a mix. Add a sparkle to an anniversary pair of cufflinks or watch. A 500-carat spinel gemstone is the largest of its kind and forms part of the Iranian Crown Jewels. It was captured, along with a smaller 270-carat spinel, during the 18th century conquest of India, by the Persian King Nadir Shah.

Plan your anniversary celebrations around the number twenty two

As you’re looking for the perfect 22 year wedding anniversary gift for your husband incorporate the magic number into your celebrations. Write 22 love notes and leave them dotted around the house, or make it 22 coupons he can exchange for a loving embrace, anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Have an anniversary cake made in the shape of the number 22, or better still bake one yourself, and make it the same flavor as your wedding cake. Or give him twenty two chocolates, 22 cans of beer, or 22 tunes for his iPad.
anniversary gift for your husband - golden golf ball

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to keep your celebration low-key

Don’t feel bad if you’ve both decided to keep your anniversary celebrations a little more low-key. Not everyone is into elaborate and fancy parties, or swinging from the tree tops and loudly proclaiming how happy you may be. There are still a number of ways you can mark your anniversary, and still have a good time, without the fanfares and trumpets. You could go out for dinner and then off to the movies or a show. Or you could serve up a tasty menu at home, and then curl up together on the couch and watch a few favorite movies. Take care of any interruptions by packing the kids off to relatives. And enjoy a romantic evening without any distractions.

What is most important of all is that you are both happy and your attentions are focused on each other for at least the evening, but preferably the whole day. 22 years down the line and you’ve been married now for more than 8,000 days, which equates to nearly two hundred thousand hours, as man and wife. Bet you never imagined you make it so far, when you stood at the altar and proudly said “I do”. Make today special, not just for him, but yourself as well, and we’re sure there will be plenty more anniversary years to follow.

Come back next year for the latest 23rd wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband.