Silver Anniversary Gifts for a Husband – Where do You Start?

Wondering what to buy your beloved husband for a 25th wedding anniversary gift? Want it to be romantic, or something that’s downright ridiculous? Want to spend a fortune, or looking to do it on the cheap? There are loads of questions we can ask when it comes to choosing silver anniversary gifts for a husband, but let’s get straight down to providing some answers, and then it’s up to you to decide which are the right ones for him.

25th Anniversary Gifts for Him – Modern or Traditional?

There’s not much of an argument where a 25th wedding anniversary is concerned. Both traditional and modern gift lists give silver as the symbol. Guess that’s why it’s commonly known as a silver wedding anniversary. The tradition of giving silver is a relatively ancient idea. In Ancient Rome, husbands gave their wives wreaths of silver and gold, to celebrate reaching their 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries. Evidence from Medieval Germany shows that this custom continued, but it was friends and neighbors who gave the gifts.

As years went by, different symbols were associated with more and more wedding anniversaries until the early 1900s, when the National Jewelry Association in America allocated a gift for every anniversary year. Not just the most significant milestones. Guess they realised they were missing out on a golden opportunity, and just couldn’t help but cash in.

Which means that today we’re faced with having to buy a certain type of present for each wedding anniversary, or be prepared to come up with some new ideas.

25th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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25th Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Husband

You’ve been married to your husband now for 25 years. Quarter of a century is a long time to spend with one person, so this is an opportunity to show your husband how much you appreciate everything you’ve shared. Men on the whole love to receive gifts that are practical, presents that can be used rather than placed on a shelf. But how can such gifts convey your feelings? Finding a gift that you know he’ll want is a good place to start. So spend some time thinking about all the things he loves doing. He might love spending his weekends doing a spot of DIY or much prefer sitting by the river bank and fishing. He might be a bit of a sports fanatic, and religiously follow his favorite team. Or he could be the biggest fan of a certain group or band of musicians, which means the latest offering from them would be well received. So let’s look at some of these passions in more detail, and help you find the best 25th wedding anniversary gift for him.

Gifts for the DIY Enthusiast

silver-wedding-giftsIf your husband is the sort of guy who loves spending his weekends up to his armpits in sawdust, cement dust or can always be found with a tool in his hand then you should buy him a gift that makes all his DIY efforts much easier. Of course you’re not going to be buying him silver-plated tools, but the range of tools that are silver colored is amazing. Spanners, screwdrivers, saws and hammers are just a few basic examples. And if he’s already got all the tools he could possibly need, why not give him a silver hip-flask or thermos so he can keep himself well hydrated while undertaking all those odd jobs around your home.

Gifts for the Amateur Fisherman

A silver fishing rod is possibly not the best idea we’ve come up with, but there are lots of fishing accessories that are colored silver. A silver kettle for him to pop on the stove, and a silver mug for a fresh cup of tea. Hooks are silver and so are many of the lures you can buy, to help him catch as many fish as possible.

Gifts for the Sports Fan

Is your husband a lover of soccer, American football or tennis? A silver ball might be right up his street. And if you’re happy to stray away from the popular gift lists then why not find the perfect sports memorabilia to give to him as an anniversary gift. Team shirts, jackets, posters, books, DVDs and possibly even a ticket to his favorite team’s next game. Pop the ticket in a silver envelope, and there’s your traditional symbol covered.

Gifts for a Musical Groupie

DVD’s and CD’s are both silver colored so give him the latest offering from his favorite band. Or why not see if you can get tickets for their latest tour? If his taste is rather eclectic then make up a CD and include all his favorite tunes.

Silver Jewelry is a Perfect 25th Anniversary Gift for a Husband

24K Gold Golf Ball and Tea SetJewelry is always a great gift to give your husband, and when you’re celebrating a silver wedding anniversary the options are mind blowing. Silver jewelry is really quite affordable, so you aren’t going to need a second mortgage to pay for that special gift. Sterling silver and pure silver jewelry pieces are very reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a special silver wedding anniversary gift for your husband, bear in mind the items of jewelry he already has. It’s quite usual for the items to be very stylish but basic, and certainly not over the top and gaudy.

Bracelets, neck chains, rings, tie pins and cufflinks all come in a variety of styles, so there will be no problem finding the right one for him.

Your upcoming silver anniversary is the perfect opportunity to show your husband how much you care, and to renew your commitment to each other. We’re pretty sure that you would do it all again, even though your path may have been rocky and full of holes at times. So find the gift that says how you feel, and you’re all set to enjoy a memorable wedding anniversary. And look forward to many more years of joyful and exciting experiences.

Whatever gift you give your husband, we’re confident you’ll both have an enjoyable day.