Is He Man Enough to Receive Flowers for a 28th Anniversary Gift? Why Not Give Him Orchids?

When you picture a person receiving a bunch of flowers, it’s usually a man who is the giver, and a lady who is the receiver. Nowadays, we’ve become very good at turning traditions on their head, so this year, if you’re looking for a 28 year anniversary gift for your husband, give him the flowers instead. And you may be pleased to know that there is no traditional theme for a 28th wedding anniversary, which means you’ll have to take some inspiration from the modern theme instead. We’ve already mentioned you should give your husband a bouquet of flowers. So you might not be surprised to learn that the modern theme is orchids.

28th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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Turn tradition on its head and give your husband orchids for a 28 year anniversary gift

Orchids are the largest family of plants that bloom with flowers. There are more than 25,000 species and more than 100,000 varieties. They have become popular as houseplants, or as an addition to large and showy floral displays. They grow wild in almost every country around the world, apart from Antarctica. And while they have a reputation for being very difficult to care for, there are a number of varieties that are surprisingly easy.

Orchids have been a flower that has been held in high regard throughout history. And it’s still considered a very special gift today. Not just because it is so beautiful, but because many have their own special fragrance, and because orchids hold certain symbolic meanings. Such as:

  • Fertility
  • Charm
  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Refinement

orchid anniversary giftYou might be thinking that these are more feminine symbols, but the orchid is considered a very masculine flower. The name comes from the Greek word orchis, which actually means testicle. It was given this name because the fleshy underground tubers that orchids grow from, were thought to look like testicles. Or that’s what Theophrastus, a Greek botanist thought.

The Ancient Greeks also considered the orchid to be a symbol of virility, and were so convinced of the connection between the flower and fertility that large tuberous roots symbolized a male child, while small tubers signified a female child.

It is thought that the Aztecs mixed vanilla orchid and chocolate to make a potion that would increase power and strength. The Victorians were also very taken with orchids. And it was a very popular pastime for the gentry to collect and display them as a sign of luxury and to show how refined their taste was.

The color of an orchid, also has its own special meaning:

  • Red – Passion and desire, strength and courage
  • Pink – Grace, happiness, and joy, femininity and innocence
  • Purple – Respect, dignity, royalty, and admiration
  • Blue – There are no true blue orchids, but a blue tinted orchid symbolizes rarity
  • Green – Blessings and good fortune, nature, longevity, and good health
  • Yellow – New beginnings, joy, and friendship
  • Orange – Pride, boldness, and enthusiasm
  • White – Humility and reverence, purity and innocence, beauty and elegance

Hopefully you’ll be able to find an orchid, or a whole display, that says everything you want to say to your loving husband.

But what if flowers really aren’t his thing? There are still a number of themed 28th anniversary gifts for your husband to choose from.

Orchid themed gifts for a 28th wedding anniversary

Just because a gift of flowers wouldn’t be his thing, there’s nothing stopping you from giving him an orchid inspired gift. For example:

Artwork – Orchids have provided inspiration for artists for many, many years. If you want to choose a piece of art that features orchids there are plenty to choose from. Mass-produced paintings, posters, or prints, or a one-of-a-kind original. Maybe you’ve got an artistic talent and could paint a picture of your own.

Literature – It’s not just artists who have been inspired by the beauty of orchids. Poets and writers have also featured orchids in poetry and novels. If your husband has a favorite type of book, make it a challenge to find one that includes reference to orchids.

Seeds – Orchids can be a little challenging to grow from seed, but if your husband has green fingers this will be a special gift that lasts for many years. Alternatively give him a seedling to plant in the garden, or to nurture in a pot on the windowsill.

Other themes and symbols associated with a 28 year wedding anniversary

anniversary gift for hubbyThere is no official gemstone linked with a 28th wedding anniversary, but a number have become loosely linked over recent years. Possibly due to their color resembling some of the most common orchid colors. Amethyst, pink sapphire, or tanzanite, evoke the idea behind orchids for his 28 year anniversary gift, in a longer lasting way than a living flower.

And there is always the option of choosing something other than a themed gift. Because there are no hard and fast rules that say the themes have to be followed. What will matter most is the gift has come from you, and that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into finding the best 28 year wedding anniversary gift for your husband.