Mark the Passing of Time With the Gift of a Timepiece for Your Husband on the Occasion of Your 31st Wedding Anniversary

It has become customary for married couples to celebrate the passing years by exchanging gifts. Family and friends often get involved as well, especially if the anniversary is considered significant. The tradition itself goes back centuries, but when it first began it was only the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries that received any special recognition. After twenty five years of married life husbands would give their wives a garland made of silver. And if they were lucky and healthy enough to make it to their fiftieth anniversary, the garland would be made of gold.

Bring the celebration up to date and we’ve got into the habit of celebrating most anniversary years, and have given each one its own particular theme. Some of the themes are well known, such as silver for 25 years, gold for 50 years, and ruby for a fiftieth anniversary. But others are far less familiar. Now you’ve found your way here there is no need for you to worry, about any gaps in your knowledge of the different anniversary themes. We’ll be sharing most of them with you, and help by giving you plenty of suggestions for anniversary gifts for your husband.

31st Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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Contemporary gift ideas for your husband’s 31 year wedding anniversary gift

clock for anniversary giftThere is no traditional theme for a 31st wedding anniversary, but the modern option is the gift of a timepiece. Quite an appropriate theme as it symbolizes the time you and your husband have spent together, and all the memories you’ve made and shared. You’re probably thinking that the gift should be a watch. And you’ll hear no disagreement from us here at But we’re here to remind you that it refers to any device that is used for measuring and displaying the time. Even a sundial would be considered a timepiece. And you might consider this an option if you’ve got room outside, and your husband spends a lot of time and energy in the garden.

The actual meaning of timepiece is a silent instrument that is missing a striking mechanism. With a clock being the name given to a timepiece that includes a bell, or some other way of marking time with a sound.

A little bit of history about the evolution of timepieces

Sundials are the earliest form of marking the passage of time, and were produced by the Egyptians, way back in history. The Classical Greek philosopher Plato, invented a water clock that also operated as an alarm clock. Ancient Chinese and Japanese cultures, used candle clocks to mark the passing of time. As the candle burned so the hour could be calculated.

In the 11th century, a Chinese astronomer, called Su Song, invented the first astronomical clock. Later versions of which featured mechanical parts. Christian monks are thought to have been the inventors of the earliest mechanical clocks.

By the 15th century, clocks had become a feature in many people’s homes, as well as featuring in church clock towers. The first watches arrived on the scene in the 1500’s. Initially it was females who wore watches, while men tended to prefer pocket watches. Watches for men didn’t really become popular until the last century. And were very popular for soldiers, as they were much more convenient than a pocket watch, when out on manoeuvres.

Nowadays there is an even wider variety of timepieces available. Electric clocks, quartz clocks, atomic clocks, and even clocks that can be powered by a potato.

Give him some of your own precious time as a 31 year anniversary gift for your husband

There’s nothing wrong with trying to put a twist on an anniversary theme, and this year you can do it by giving your husband the gift of your time. How many hours do you actually spend together, with no distractions or interruptions? Like many modern couples it’s probably very few, unless you’re lying next to each other in bed at night, which doesn’t really count as quality time together. Endless commitments and responsibilities sap all the quality time out of modern relationships, so it’s important to try and redress the balance. And what better excuse than a 31st wedding anniversary.

Fun ways to make your 31st wedding anniversary together memorable

Spending time with your husband will be a very thoughtful 31 year anniversary gift. And if you make it a surprise it will be even better. It really depends on the things your husband enjoys, but let’s give you a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

  • 31st wedding anniversary tripTreat him like a king for the day – With all your efforts concentrated on making your anniversary day meaningful. Breakfast in bed should get the day off to a great start. And if he’s off to work, then make sure you think about what he’d love to see when he gets home. Make a list of the things that would make his perfect day, and try and fit in as many as you can.
  • Revisit some of his favorite places – After more than three decades together, there must be a few places your husband would love to revisit. It could be the place you first met. Or the destination where you spent your honeymoon.
  • Surprise him after work with a date night – Pay him a visit to his workplace and surprise him with tickets to the movies or a show, along with dinner at a fancy restaurant.
  • An unexpected getaway – It doesn’t have to be a destination that will put untold pressure on your bank balance. Take some time to look at various sites online and you might be surprised at the deals you find. Sign up for notifications of the latest deals from some of them and you’ll be able to catch the best offers. In order to save them for a 31st wedding anniversary gift for your husband.