Top Gifts for a Husband on the Occasion of a 35th Wedding Anniversary

A 35 year wedding anniversary isn’t considered one of the most significant, but is recognized in both modern and traditional anniversary lists. Which is good news for all you ladies looking for a 35 year wedding anniversary gift for your husband. 35 years as man and wife should be considered an achievement, especially when you consider how many modern marriages end in divorce. And with that in mind, let’s give you some ideas. Hopefully he’s already looking for a 35th wedding anniversary gift for you, so it’s only fair to return the favor. Not that gift giving is all about getting something in return. On the contrary. Gift giving should take place without any thought for the future, and be a reflection of your feelings for the recipient.

The traditional theme is coral for your husband’s 35 year wedding anniversary gift

The traditional list of anniversary themes gives coral as the suggestion for s 35th wedding anniversary gift. Coral comes from a Greek word that means ‘nymph of the sea’. And legend has it that it was created when the Perseus cut off the head of Medusa. The blood turned the twigs and branches of shrubs growing along the coast into coral. This was then taken by the sea maidens when they returned to the sea caves on the ocean floor.

Corals are actually not plants at all, but marine invertebrates, which live in company colonies of many identical polyps. If you want to know the kind of gifts you can buy relating to coral, we’ll be giving you a few ideas later. But first, let’s look at the importance of coral in relation to humans.

35th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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How coral is of benefit to humans

coral wedding anniversaryThe local economies near some of the major coral reefs benefit because of the abundance of fish and other marine animals, as a source of food. They also benefit from the increased opportunities for recreational activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving and associated tourism activities. Too much of this kind of activity is detrimental, and a number of international marine organizations now encourage centers to follow a Code of Conduct that reduces such risks.

Coral is also used in medicine, with many of the chemical compounds that come from corals being used to treat cancer, AIDS, pain, and a number of other ailments. Coral skeletons are also used in human bone grafts. And Coral Calx is widely used in Indian medicine to help treat a variety of bone metabolic disorders commonly associated with calcium deficiency.


Coral gift ideas for your husband

  • Decoration for an aquarium
  • Coral bookends
  • Chess set with coral pieces
  • Coral jewelry
  • Coral desk set
  • Coral tie pin or cufflinks

The contemporary theme for a 35 year wedding anniversary gift for your husband is jade

If your husband is a more modern thinking kind of guy, he might prefer the contemporary theme for his 35 year wedding anniversary gift. In which case, you’ll be looking for a gift relating to jade.

Jade is a stunning gem that looks magnificent when made into jewelry. However, it is also very beautiful when made into various other items such as boxes, ornaments, and sculptures. Jade is actually an ornamental rock, rather than a gemstone, and there are two different types, both of which are metamorphic rocks made up of different silicate materials.

  • Jade gift ideas for your husband
  • Jade cufflinks or tie pin
  • Jade handled pocket knife
  • Jade key ring
  • Jade golf tees
  • Jade pendant or bracelet

Jade has special significance in China, so you could always take him for a vacation to China. Surprise him with the plane tickets, and take a few weeks away from work, and enjoy the mysteries and sights of the Orient.

So we’ve looked at both the modern and contemporary theme for a 35 year anniversary gift for your husband. But you might be interested to know there is also a 35th anniversary gemstone.

Pick a gift that is made using emeralds for your husband’s 35th anniversary gift

Hopefully your budget isn’t too tight, as emeralds can sometimes be an expensive anniversary gift. Emeralds are a very regal gem, and your husband will feel like a king when he unwraps his 35th anniversary gift, if you’ve decided to pick emeralds.

  • emerald anniversary giftEmerald 35 year wedding anniversary gifts for your husband
  • Emerald cufflinks
  • Emerald tie pin
  • Emerald ring
  • Emerald watch

We hope you’ve found our 35 year anniversary gift ideas useful, and will be returning next year when you’re looking for suitable 36th wedding anniversary gifts for him. May we wish you all the best on this memorable occasion, and hope we can share more anniversary gift ideas with you in the upcoming years. We gots heaps more ideas and tips for all you ladies looking for the best anniversary gifts for your husband.