Choose Alabaster Artwork or Carvings for a 37th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Celebrating wedding anniversaries has become a modern tradition, but it actually dates back to Medieval times, when a husband would give his wife a garland made of gold for a 50th anniversary, and one made of silver after 25 years. Over time, a number of other significant anniversaries were marked with the giving of certain types of gifts, and many lists have been drawn up in relation to the various themes.

The main thing to remember is that it’s important to celebrate a wedding anniversary, because sharing your life with another person is a memorable part of many people’s life. As the years pass, it can become increasingly difficult to come up with interesting and different ideas. Which is one of the reasons it’s a blessing there are lists to follow. But you should also remember the meaning behind the gift. A 37 year wedding anniversary gift for your husband should be thoughtful, meaningful, and a gift that clearly indicates how much you care. And the same applies whether it’s your 1st, 15th, 30th, or 57th wedding anniversary being celebrated.

37th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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Traditional 37th anniversary gifts for a husband

A traditional list of anniversary themes was compiled in 1937, and unfortunately there was no mention of a 37 year anniversary theme. After a 20th anniversary, only every fifth was considered to be a significant milestone. However, nowadays, there are themes for every year, right up to 100, as we’ve come to understand the importance of celebrating every anniversary year. More modern lists now give every year its own special theme, and for a 37 year wedding anniversary gift for him you should be considering alabaster.

What is alabaster?

golf anniversary gift for a husband
Alabaster is a fine grained, translucent stone that has been highly valued for thousands of years. It is very similar to marble and the two stones are often confused. In Italy and Egypt it has been quarried for centuries, and was often used for artifacts, although many of the so-called alabaster pieces are actually marble. Alabaster often contains a number of minerals, but its primary ingredient is a fine-grained form of gypsum. Alabaster is water-soluble, much softer than marble, and can be polished to give it a high, translucent gloss making it look deceptively hard and glass-like. The properties of this beautiful stone make it very appealing to artists and artisans, who love to use it for delicate carvings and thin-walled translucent objects such as lamp shades and vases.

The properties of alabaster mean there are a wide variety of homeware items available, but this may not be the kind of gift your husband is expecting for his 37 year anniversary gift. But a pair of alabaster cufflinks, or an alabaster chess set might be just what he needs. Or he might appreciate an alabaster lamp to sit on his desk.

Gifts made from alabaster will require care and careful cleaning

alabaster gift for wedding anniversaryAlabaster has a very fine grain, which makes it permeable by water and soluble salts, it is also very easily stained. Dirt and grime can quickly become embedded in the surface, and can be very difficult to remove. Pollutants in the air can also cause discoloration, making the surface seem yellow. All of its qualities mean that items made from alabaster should be handled and stored correctly. Many objects made from alabaster will appear to need cleaning, but it is probably better to consider this less than pristine condition as a patina of age. Hold off on the cleaning, as it is very easy to harm the delicate surface.

  • Always use gloves when handling alabaster as the oils in your fingers can penetrate the surface and stain
  • Alabaster should be stored in as stable an environment as possible, avoiding humid conditions as much as possible
  • Remove loose dust and debris, as this type of substance can attract moisture
  • Use a soft bristle brush rather than a cloth
  • Do not try to wipe away and remove stains with a detergent solution, as it will only serve to drive the stain further in

A unique 37th wedding anniversary gift for your husband

excellent anniversary gift for him
The following suggestion isn’t in keeping with any particular theme, but is more than fitting for a 37 year anniversary gift for your husband. Eternity Rose is a company that offers a number of gifts crafted using natural rose blooms and miniature rose petals. But they also have a couple of great gifts for the man in your life. Particularly if he happens to be an avid golfer, or poker player. For the lover of golf there is a golf ball and tee set that has been dipped in 24 karat gold. And for the poker player there is a stunning set of gold dipped poker cards. Both of which can be used to play with, or kept on display.