Ideas for a 39th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Your 39th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and you’re struggling for ideas. You might be thinking that this year you’re not going to bother, because after all, next year is your fortieth and you’ve already got something planned. We think it’s safe to assume you’re not too sure about doing nothing, and would appreciate some helpful ideas. We happen to think that every year deserves some form of celebration, so congratulations, you’ve found a great place to stop and spend some time. It is our aim to provide you with our favorite ideas, for a 39 year wedding anniversary gift for your husband.
excellent anniversary gift for him
Surprise him with a 39th wedding anniversary gift and he’ll be reminded of the love you share and it will also reaffirm your affection. When it comes to emotions, the routine of married life often gets in the way. With all the responsibilities that come hand in glove with married life there is little time left for expressing your feelings. So take every opportunity you can to show him how much you care.

39th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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Traditional 39th wedding anniversary gifts for your husband

A fortieth wedding anniversary is considered by many cultures around the world to be a major milestone. Which means that a 39th anniversary is often forgotten. There are a number of anniversary lists that have been created, but the more traditional ones have nothing linked with a 39 year wedding anniversary. However, more modern thinking gift gurus have decided that every year is worthy of acknowledgement, and we happen to agree. This year the theme for a 39th anniversary gift for your husband is lace. The general opinion as to why this particular theme as chosen, is that it represents the intricate nature and beauty of long lasting love. The delicate patterns also reflect the complexity of a marriage, and how the weaving of couples individual threads can result in a magical union.

What is lace and where does it come from?

wedding anniversary gift laceLace is made by weaving thread or yarn into an open weblike pattern, and can be made by machine or by hand. When it was first made, it would normally be silk, linen, silver, or gold threads that would be used to make the delicate patterns. Nowadays, it is more common for lace to be made with cotton thread, but linen and silk lace is still available. Lace that is manufactured is often made of synthetic fibers, and there are a few modern artists who use silver or copper wire rather than thread.

The origin of lace making is a little more difficult to define, as there are many cultures who claim to be the ones that discovered it. It doesn’t really matter where it comes from, as by the 16th century it was being produced and worn across Europe. In fact, it was so popular that people were setting up cottage industries in which the sole product was lace. In the 1800s, missionaries who travelled to America began sharing their lace making skills with Native Americans.

There are a number of ways to produce lace, resulting in a number of different types.

  • Needle lace – Made using a needle and thread, and is the most flexible lace-making art.
  • Cutwork – This involves removing threads from a woven background, and wrapping the remaining threads or filling with embroidery.
  • Bobbin lace – Lace made using this technique involves a bobbin and cushion. Chantilly lace is a fine example of this method.
  • 39th wedding anniversary lace sweet for husbands

  • Tape lace – As this type of lace is worked it makes a tape in the lace, which is then joined and embellished with either bobbin or needle lace.
  • Knitted lace – Shetland lace is a fine example of this method of lace making.
  • Crocheted lace – Examples of this type of lace include pineapple crochet and filet crochet.
  • Knotted lace – This method includes macrame and tatting, which is made using a tatting needle or a shuttle.
  • Machine-made lace – Anything made using mechanical means is called machine-made lace.
  • Chemical lace – A continuous motif is stitched with embroidery thread and then the stitching area is removed. The area is usually made of a water-soluble or non-heat resistant material.

Lace is possibly not the most obvious choice for a 39th anniversary gift for your husband, but there are still some options if you want to pick a themed gift. One that stood out when we were doing some research is to bake him some homemade lace cookies. They look very intricate and complex, but are surprisingly easy to make. A light and buttery biscuit that is packed with flavor, they are sure to bring a smile to his face. Especially when appreciated how thoughtful you’ve been.

And one final idea we think is worthy of a mention. Lace lingerie may be a traditional gift for your husband to give to you, but there’s nothing wrong with buying it for yourself, and wearing it for him. It’ll certainly make the evening more interesting.