Time to Celebrate 8 Years as Man and Wife with 8th Anniversary Gifts for a Husband

Celebrating 8 years of marriage is important. It’s not the most popular of anniversaries to mark as a special occasion, but making it past the difficult 7 year itch stage of your marriage is worthy of commemoration. Modern life is not the best of bedfellows for any kind of serious relationship. So many marriages fall by the wayside that it makes any kind of festivity all the more vital. Both as a way to look back over the previous years, and to look forward to those still to come.

The traditional theme is substantial and weighty, and is a blend of two other materials. Bronze is the material, and perfectly symbolizes the strength of your union. The modern themes are linen and lace. Another alternative that is becoming more popular for 8th wedding anniversary gifts is pottery.

8th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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Stick with tradition or buck the trend with your 8 year anniversary gift for your husband

8th wedding anniversaryMany will admit that there is something reassuring about having a theme to follow. But there are also a large number of people who prefer to make up their own minds about their anniversary gifts. Whichever camp you fall into, you’ll be pleased you found your way here. Because we’ll be offering you lots of ideas, whether your husband is a traditionalist, a modern thinking man, or the kind of guy that likes a gift to be meaningful.

Bronze 8 year wedding anniversary gifts for him
If your husband is a stickler for tradition then an 8th anniversary gift for him made from bronze is the only way to go. Why not customize a wall hanging or bronze plaque with the date of your wedding and both your names? How about a bronze picture frame that has his favorite photo of the two of you together? If you consider him worthy of immortalizing then have an artisan create a bronze bust. If you think his ego just won’t be able to stand it, then consider a bronze sculpture of two clasped hands.

8th anniversary gifts for him relating to pottery
We couldn’t actually find any mention of pottery in either of the anniversary lists, but it seems that it has become sort of a traditional gift for an 8 year anniversary. Your husband might not be enthralled to receive a vase, but he might be interested in a few pottery classes. Better still, enjoy the classes together, and create your own movie moment. Surely you remember Patrick Swayze in ‘Ghost’. Or you could sign up for the classes secretly, ahead of your anniversary, and you’ll be in a position to make him something yourself.

Linens and lace for an 8 year wedding anniversary gift for your husband
These could be considered more of a feminine option, but use a bit of imagination and there is a way you can turn them into a gift your husband will love. Consider organizing a candlelight dinner, either at home or in his favorite restaurant, and present it on a crisp linen tablecloth. Continue your romantic evening with lacy lingerie, for yourself, of course, and crisp linen bed sheets. What happens afterwards is better left to your imagination.

More ideas for celebrating your 8th wedding anniversary

ticket gift for him for the 8 year anniversaryIf you want to play safe and give your man a gift he’s bound to enjoy then bear in mind that men love their gadgets. Buy him the latest flat screen TV, update his mobile phone, or buy him a new tablet. If he’s into gaming then buy him the latest console and accessories. There’s bound to be a game he’s been longing to add to his collection, but don’t forget that your anniversary is a great time for sharing, so see if you can find a game you’ll both want to play.

If you’re still struggling to come up with a great idea, then you might want to consider buying two tickets, either to a sporting event or concert, that you know he’ll enjoy. Alternatively book him a few rounds of golf at the local course, or take him to the movies to enjoy the latest blockbuster.

Tourmaline is the gemstone traditionally associated with an 8 year wedding anniversary. Available in a wide variety of gorgeous colors it makes great jewelry. Black tourmaline is thought to bring a powerful energy for protection, healing, and cleansing, which makes it a very romantic gift to buy for your husband.

We hope our ideas will help in your quest to find the perfect 8 year wedding anniversary gift for your husband. If you’re not worried about sticking with tradition, read some of our other pages, because they are full of more anniversary gift ideas. Put thought into the choosing and your gift is sure to score big with your loving husband.