Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband That Will Make Him go Wow

Men say that women are hard to buy presents for, but finding the right gift for your guy is sometimes equally hard. Whatever stage in your marriage you’re celebrating, 1st, 5th or 50th, of course you want your gift to be something he remembers, and of course you want it to be unique. Socks and ties are a tried and tested fall back idea, whatever the occasion, but when you’re celebrating an important milestone in your marriage it’s time to think of something different. Why not consider one of the following wedding anniversary gifts for your husband, next time you’re looking for some inspiration? And remember it not the cost that’s important. It’s the sentiment behind the gift that will touch his heart.

A Night That’s Just the Two of You

This is a great option, if money is a bit tight, and you can’t afford a night on the town. Pack the kids off to their grandparents, if you’ve got any that is, and spend the night together at home, enjoying each others company. Set the mood by choosing a room and decorating it with candles and adding soft music. Pile up some cushions on the floor and light the fire, if it’s the right time of the year. Set a table for dinner and serve up your husbands favourite meal. Choose some tunes to play in the background, that bring back fond memories. You might have a certain song that you listened to when you first met, or one that you danced to on your first date. Slip into something more comfortable and enjoy the pleasure of each others company.

Great Anniversary Gift Ideas For a Husband


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Take Some Time Out Away From Home

Gift Ideas for Your HusbandIf you’re sick of the sight of your own four walls, take some time out from your normal routine and jet off to pastures new. It doesn’t have to involve taking a week out of your schedule, as there are plenty of city breaks you can enjoy over a long weekend. It may not be an exotic beach holiday, or African safari, but there are loads of beautiful cities across the world that are worthy of a visit. When you’re looking online for a suitable destination, take a look at the last minute deals available. You might be lucky to grab yourself a real bargain. Try and tie the time away in with something he loves doing such as touring historical buildings, or relaxing with a game of golf.

Learn Something New

Is your husband always looking for new things to learn and add to his repertoire of skills? Why not take the opportunity to learn something new together? You never know it could be fun. Does he love watching the latest cooking competitions on TV? Sign yourselves up for some cookery masterclasses, either with a famous chef or at your local college. You could learn the intricacies of cake decorating or take some Cordon Bleu lessons – it’s entirely up to you.

Is he a bit of an adrenaline freak, who loves to push the boundaries? There are lessons he can take in an airplane or helicopter, or why not give him the opportunity to learn how to skydive? Does he love dipping his toe in the ocean? Has he a passion for all things wildlife? Scuba diving lessons could be the answer.

Has he got two left feet when it comes to dancing? Trip the light fantastic and try out some of your local dancing lessons, and learn how tango or salsa.

Bet He Loves His Gadgets

24K Gold Golf Ball and Tea SetMost modern men are filled with excitement when it comes to the latest gadgets, so play to this obsession by buying him something new. There are a wealth of unusual and interesting gadgets that are certain to wow your man. How about a waterproof case for his iPad and matching headphones, so he can enjoy his choice of music while taking a swim? Is he a fan of Star Wars and loves a BBQ? Then gift him some Stars Wars lightsaber BBQ tongs. Is he impressed by the latest 3D printing machines? Get him one of his own in the form of a 3D doodling pen.

Jewellery With a Special Message

An item of jewellery is always recommended for women, but it works equally well for the special man in your life too. While men not be quite as keen on bracelets and rings, they are usually happy to wear a necklace or neck chain. Add a special engraving and you’ve definitely hit the mark. It could be his name, a nickname, the date you met, or simply those 3 special words “I Love You”. Watches are also an option, and the back of the case leaves plenty of room for a loving engraving.

Spend the Day Al Fresco

If your wedding anniversary falls at the right time of year you could plan to spend the day al fresco. Lots of fun activities could be enjoyed, or you could just relax somewhere quiet and tranquil, with a glass of wine and a picnic. If you are both adventurous, why not try mountaineering or rock climbing, of course with some expert tuition. Or plan a day rocking back and forth on a river or the sea, doing a spot of fishing. If fishing isn’t your thing then just enjoy the sun while he casts and hopefully catches something for tea.

End the day with an evening of stargazing. You can even buy your husband his own special star, and try and find it in the night sky.

Relax With a Massage

If you’re both feeling a little stressed by life, take some time out and enjoy a relaxing couples massage. Lie back and unwind, while rejuvenating your minds and souls. There are lots of different massages available, so take your time and choose one that you know he’ll appreciate and enjoy.

As a final suggestion, why not create your own spa at home. Scented candles, a bubble bath for two, finished off with a massage using essential oils.

We hope these tips and ideas will make your next wedding anniversary something special. When you’re looking for anniversary gifts for a husband, ideas are a plenty. We hope we’ve narrowed down the selection and made things a bit easier.