Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband to Spoil Him With

Men love to be spoiled too you know. So this anniversary surprise the man in your life with anniversary gifts for your husband. It’s likely that he’s already given you a few ideas, but they are probably bordering on the boringly practical, so this year take it upon yourself to give him something romantic, unusual or downright thoughtful. After all he can buy himself a lawn mower or tool kit, any time of the year.

We agree that men aren’t the easiest to buy for, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the effort. They always appreciate gifts that have a purpose, something that they can make use of rather than leave it on a shelf. Ideas include presents related to their hobbies, sports, beer, and electronic gadgets. You know your man better than anyone, but we’ll try and help with some ideas.
If He Longs for Man Cave Items

Does your husband enjoy having his buddies round? Bet he longs for some items to hold pride of place, that make his mates green with envy. Is there a place for him to keep the beers cool and fresh? How about a darts board, hockey table or a pool table if space allows? Or maybe he enjoys a spot of gaming? A flat screen TV along with the latest in gaming technology, will definitely make you a contender for “wife of the year”.

Gorgeous Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband


golf ball

Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

  • a genuine golf ball and tee both dipped in 24k gold
  • a perfect complement to any golfer's display cabinet
  • ideal for mounting on a trophy

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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • produced to tournament grade standards
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Does He Enjoy the Spectacle of a Live Show?

Does your husband enjoy the atmosphere that comes with watching a live show? Whether it be a comedy show, live music, theatre or sports event there’s likely to be something in the events calendar that will tickle his fancy. You can get a good idea of what’s coming up by cruising the various ticket sites online.
Is He a Die-Hard Fan?

Bet there’s something your guy really loves. Whether it be a favourite band or football team, there are lots of gift ideas that you can tie in with this passion. If the football season is just about to start, get him a jersey from his favourite team, with his favourite players name emblazoned across the back. If he’s a bit of a rock dude, then the latest release of his all time favourite band will definitely go down a storm.

A Gift Associated with the Other Love of His Life

Does your husband spend his weekends cleaning and polishing the only other thing that vies for his affection? His car is what we’re talking about here. Maybe he longs for a brand spanking new stereo for his baby, or even better give him a gift voucher that will entitle him to get his car specially detailed. That way you can give him the weekend off from cleaning his precious vehicle, and you can spend the weekend doing something together.

anniversary gifts for husband

Tips on Finding the Best Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Don’t throw your hands up in frustration at the thought of buying an anniversary gift for your husband, because we’re here to offer our help. There are different anniversary occasions that warrant the giving of a gift such as birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, so you have plenty of opportunities to hone your gift buying skills. Leave these days to pass unremembered will be unforgivable, and will hurt your partner’s feelings. So here are a few gift giving tips………….

Give Him What He Wants – Not What You Want Him to Have

Don’t be the cause of great disappointment by giving your husband a gift he really doesn’t want. You might want him to be the new Paul Hollywood, but does he really have aspirations to be a great baker? A top of the range baking set, apron or kitchen gadget isn’t going to go down too well. He might smile sweetly and give it a go a couple of times, but the likelihood is that it will spend its days sat at the back of a cupboard.

Give Him the Gift of Your Time

Make some extra time just for him this anniversary. It could be something as simple as enjoying a walk together, or just sitting in the garden and enjoying the fresh air. Maybe he’d appreciate a back rub, or a sensual massage. Why not paint his office? Or cook him a special meal?

Gift Him a Promise

surprise giftThink whether there are some things you’ve been meaning to do for your husband, but never got round to finding the time. Design and print out some coupons, promising to get those things done.

As your relationship develops, and you learn more about your partner, your gifts will become more creative. Anniversary gifts for husbands don’t have to involve spending lots of money. Some of the most treasured and memorable gifts could have cost you nothing at all.

Fun Ways to Celebrate – Unique Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

Whether the anniversary you are about to celebrate is a wedding, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or for your husband’s birthday you want to find something that is unique. Finding and doing things that are completely unexpected will certainly go towards making the occasion unique. Let’s look at a few unusual ideas that could well give the next anniversary its own special page in your husband’s history book.

12 Days of an Anniversary

This is quite an inspiring idea we came across while surfing the net. For the 12 days before your anniversary, give him a love note, or special message along with a small treat. It could be his favourite chocolate bar, a new tie, or a fun activity. Time for you to get your creative hat on and use some of your imagination.

A Number Celebration

This is a great idea for a wedding anniversary, and can correspond to the number of years you’ve been married. For example if it’s your 5th wedding anniversary, the day will revolve around the number 5. 5 gifts, a five-course meal, 5 love notes……. get the idea? It will also work for a birthday celebration, but as the years roll by it will most likely get very difficult.

Hourly Gifts

Seen this one mentioned in lots of different places, but nevertheless it’s a pretty cool idea. Give him a small token of your affection, on the hour every hour, perhaps starting with the time you got married. The gifts don’t have to be large and expensive, for example a bag of his favourite candy, ticket for a show, bottle of aftershave, writing pen etc.

Things you Can Enjoy Together, Throughout the Year

The two of you could make a pact – to only buy gifts that you can enjoy together. Tickets to an amusement park, football match, coach trip, a day out somewhere nice, cinema tickets. You could even sign yourself up for some golf lessons, so you can join him on the golfing range. And to add to this gift why not give him a gold dipped golf ball and tee set from Eternity Rose? Just make sure it’s something you can enjoy together. That way you’ll be investing in your relationship rather than just things.

Spend the Day Away From it All

When you’ve been together for a sizeable number of years, you tend to get stuck in the same round of responsibilities. Try and spend your next anniversary away from it all – just you and your husband. No phones, laptops or any other distractions. He might like to spend the day sat by a river, lazing on the beach or drifting in a boat. Take along a picnic and enjoy this special time together.

Why Gift Giving is Important

Us humans having been giving each other gifts for centuries, by why do we feel the need? There are plenty of experts who have studied this human phenomena, ranging from marketing gurus, to anthropologists, and of course not forgetting psychologists. It seems that they’ve all come to the conclusion that gift giving is complicated. Not much of a surprise there – we could probably have told them that. They also say that the giving of gifts is a vital part of enjoying a successful relationship. When people give and receive gifts it makes their ties much stronger, and helps to define a relationship. It might surprise you to know that just as much pleasure is felt by the gift giver, as the one receiving the gift, possibly even more.

If you think that you’d rather not participate in the art of gift giving you’re going to be missing out on a lot of pleasurable moments. Even though you might be saving money, your balance in positive emotions is going to be greatly reduced. Any savings you make on the cash front, will be exceeded by the loss to your relationship.

Giving a gift also has great social value. Some native cultures have been taking part in a celebration known as potlatch for many centuries. It is a ceremony that involves extreme giving. And that doesn’t mean hanging from a mountain or delivering on your bmx. In these cultures a family’s status is measured not by how many possessions they have, but by the amount they happily give away to others. The more lavish the gifts, the more prestige the family enjoys.

It is also thought that gift giving is an integral part of our evolution. This is possibly true because the man who is most generous would have more success at finding a mate and reproducing. A woman who was good at giving to others, would be better suited to raising a family and taking care of the home.


Show Him You Care – Not Just on Anniversary Days but throughout the Year

Men and women do in fact differ in the way they look at gift giving. Research has shown that men look at practicality and cost when it comes to buying a gift. Women on the other hand, are more concerned with the emotions and feelings that come with the gift. The differences are found very early in life, not just when we are older. There was a recent study by some researchers from a Chicago University that looked at the gift buying antics of a group of toddlers about to attend a birthday party. The young girls actively took part in the gift buying process, as well as wrapping the gifts and choosing cards. While the boys were quite happy to take a back seat, and remained blissfully unaware of what was going on.

Why do we make such a fuss about giving gifts? Because gifts are an important part of a loving relationship. It is a way to show how important someone is to you, and how much you care. And it’s not just the receiver, but the giver also enjoys pleasure from the gift. It’s good to make someone you love feel happy, there’s no one on this planet that would deny this is so.
All the more reason to remember that gifts shouldn’t be just for anniversaries, birthdays or Christmas. You should grab every opportunity to show your husband that you love him, and help him understand the special place he holds in your heart.

Final Thoughts on Anniversary Gifts for Husbands…………..How About an Interesting Experience?

Why not give your husband the chance to enjoy a new experience? It could be something he’s been longing to try for years, or something he wouldn’t have thought of trying. Find the best anniversary gift for a husband from the following list:

  • A helicopter sightseeing tour – enjoy a flight over a major city or along one of the UK’s natural areas of beauty, such as the Jurassic Coast
  • Tandem skydive
  • Cookery course
  • Salsa dancing lessons
  • A cruise up the Thames
  • A wildlife experience – e.g. meet the Meerkats
  • Mountain adventure scramble
  • Off-road driving experience
  • Supercar drive
    Learn how to loose an arrow with archery lessons
  • Formula simulator experience
  • Take him and his mates paintballing
  • Silver salmon fishing experience

This is just a very small selection of the experiences you can organise for your husband for his anniversary, or indeed for any day of the year.