Top 15 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband

15 years as man and wife, has anything changed? Well, you’re certainly no longer strangers, and it’s very possible that you’ve both learned a lot about each other. You fully understand each other’s weaknesses, and obsessions. Which is a great place to start when you’re considering 14th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him.

The traditional theme for a 15th wedding anniversary is crystal. So anything made of crystal is going to be a beautiful gift. If you feel that something else is needed you can take inspiration from the modern theme which is a watch. The crystal symbolizes the sparkling love you share, and the watch symbolizes the time you’ve spent together. A watch is also a symbol of endless love.

15th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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A crystal gift that will sparkle for ever

Crystal is the traditional theme for a 14th wedding anniversary gift. A crystal gift will be an enduring reminder of the years you’ve spent together. A good gift for your husband to celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary will be one that is both thoughtful and useful. Gifts made from crystal are usually for the home, so let’s offer a few friendly suggestions that might appeal to the man in your life:

  • beer-mug-anniversaryBeer glasses or barware – Depending on whether he prefers a glass of scotch for a nightcap, or a long cool glass of beer
  • Champagne glasses – For the inevitable bottle of champagne you use to toast your life together
  • Picture frame – To showcase his favorite photograph of the both of you
  • Wine-holder or carafe – For the man who loves a glass of vino
  • Vacation in Crystal River, Florida – You can both try your hand at snorkelling and say hi to the local population of manatees
  • Take him skiing at Crystal Mountain, Washington – If your anniversary takes place when snow is on the ground this will be the perfect anniversary vacation

If these ideas don’t float your boat, then why not consider the modern alternative?

Gift suggestions with a modern theme

A theme that has been chosen to represent the time you’ve spent together is the modern theme of a watch. Sounds a pretty easy gift to choose, but you can try and make your gift a little more special, by thinking out of the box. Here are our top ideas for a modern 14th wedding anniversary gift for him:

  • The gift of your time – Spend this anniversary with your husband doing something memorable together. For example, take a trip to the place where you first connected.
  • Time magazine subscription – If your man loves to keep abreast of all the latest news, this gift will ensure he’s never out of the picture
  • Stopwatch – For the guy who loves to keep fit and push himself to the limit
  • Pocket watch – Inscribed with a meaningful message
  • Waterproof watch – If he’s always got his hands in water, or loves to swim or dive
  • Gold watch – With a loving inscription that lets him know you care
  • Alarm clock – Does your guy have a problem getting up for work? This is one possible answer
  • See in the New Year together – This will be your chance to count down the last minutes of the New Year somewhere special such as Trafalgar Square in London, or Time Square in New York
  • Is your husband special enough to be given a rose?

    Unique vase gift for womenThe flower that is most often linked with a 14th wedding anniversary is one that is often linked with romance. Is there still plenty of romance in your relationship? Celebrate by giving him a rose. A red rose will be the perfect symbol of the love and loyalty you share, but what if that’s not your husband’s cup of tea? Why not give him a living rose for the garden? Or really push the boat out and give him a gold dipped rose. Flowers are traditionally a female gift, but there’s nothing stopping you from breaking with tradition, as it is a very symbolic gift choice for a union that has shown it is long term. And roses can convey a number of different meanings, for example:

    • White – innocence and purity
    • Dark pink – Gratitude, appreciation, or just to say ‘thank you’
    • Yellow – Delight, gladness, and joy
    • Pink – Gentleness, perfect happiness, and grace
    • Red – Respect, courage, and love

    And what about a gemstone? Is there one that symbolizes your union?

    The gemstone for a 14 year anniversary gift is Rhodolite

    Rhodolite gemstoneRhodolite is one variety in the garnet group of precious stones, and is often mistaken for a ruby, because of its color. Known also as Rhodolite garnets, they are a transparent red gemstone, which can vary in color from rose pink to purple red. Just like a ruby, it is associated with faithfulness and love. There is a great selection of Rhodolite garnet jewelry to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding an item that suits his taste.