Popular 21st Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband are Nickel and Brass

There is no traditional theme for a twenty first wedding anniversary. However, don’t despair, as there is a more modern alternative. Reaching your 21st anniversary is a considerable achievement, and a great way to mark such a special day is by exchanging gifts with your husband. While it hasn’t always been traditional to celebrate such a milestone, the Jewelers of America came to everyone’s rescue in 1937, when they brought to the public a more comprehensive list of anniversary themes. Up until then it had only been the most significant anniversaries that were given recognition, such as the 50th and 25th anniversary years.

Today it has become very popular to celebrate a 21st wedding anniversary with a gift incorporating either brass, nickel, or both. Possibly not the first material that would spring to mind when considering 21 year anniversary gifts for your husband, but that leaves the door open for a spot of creativity.

You might be feeling a bit stuck for ideas. After all you’ve been buying each other gifts for more than two decades. When you add up all the special events, such as birthdays, Valentines, Christmas, and all your previous anniversaries, that quite a sizeable number of presents. We’re here to provide a little helping hand, and bring you some great ideas for 21st wedding anniversary gifts for your husband.

21st Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


golf ball

Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
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Brass or nickel for your husband’s 21st anniversary gift

brass wedding anniversary giftBrass or nickel items have become very popular for couples to give to each other on their 21 year wedding anniversary. Think about your husband’s favorite hobbies, his favorite items of home decor, or a special event that will help you remember a previous moment. Think about surprising him by picking a gift he’d never have thought of buying for himself. There are heaps of typical brass or nickel gifts you can pick from such as brass photo frames, nickel snap clips, sculpture, or jewelry. But how about you turn things up a notch, and use some of those creative juices.

Appeal to his artistic side with a musical-themed gift
If your husband is a musician, a new tuba or saxophone would be the perfect gift for him to enjoy, and help him to hone his musical talent. If your husband isn’t musically inclined, a figurine of a trumpet player, or brass cufflinks with a musical engraving. Give him tickets to a musical concert featuring his favorite musician or band, or take him out for the evening to a local music club, and enjoy dancing the night away together.
anniversary gift for your husband - golden golf ball
Spruce up your marital home
Add a few anniversary themed items to your home, such as brass doorknobs, brass shelves, mirrors trimmed with nickel, or nickel vases, while your husband is at work. He’ll be impressed, and surprised when he walks through the door and sees all the nickel and brass themed additions you’ve made.

Something for the office
A brass clock, or pen set would look good sat on your husband’s desk, whether his office is at home or across town. Give him the gift of a couple of brass bookends, so he can keep his collection tidy. You might want to consider adding a few hard back books as an added gift.

Keepsakes for his sentimental side
Give the sentimental man in your life a keepsake made from either nickel or brass. A nickel or brass picture frame would look good on his wall. Fill it with some meaningful photographs, as this will be thoughtful and attractive to look at. Engrave your gift for added feelings, and it will be a token of the affection and achievements you’ve shared.

Something useful and decorative
21st anniversary gift for men - telescopeBrass and nickel make very eye catching trim pieces, so find him something he can use, but something that will also be a conversation piece. Such items include desk organizers, golf clubs, binoculars, and telescopes. There are also accessories such as bottle openers, door knobs, door knockers, and handles for cabinetry in his office. You’ll be showing him that you know what he likes, and be enhancing his surroundings. If your husband is one of the declining number of smokers, give him a brass or nickel lighter, and add that all important engraving.

Whatever you decide to buy for your partner, make sure the 21st wedding anniversary gift for your husband is one that makes him go wow. You’ve got a couple of ideas by now, so go ahead and pick one. Brass or nickel can feature in a number of interesting gifts. But there is always the option of bucking the trend completely and buying a gift you know he’ll love. Nobody knows him better than you do, so be confident in your gift choices, because we know you’re on to a winner.