Show Him How You Feel With these Great 1st Anniversary Gifts for a Husband

The traditional gift idea for celebrating a 1st wedding anniversary is paper.

1st-wedding-anniversaryThe modern twist is a clock. Well that seems pretty straightforward doesn’t it? Hang on a minute, some of you might be saying. What’s the point of gifting him a clock, when he’s got his iPad or smartphone permanently switched on? And paper……….what kind of anniversary gift is that? Buying a gift of paper is actually much easier than you think. And we don’t mean buying him a Post-it pad, or ream of A4 paper either. Although using a pad of Post-it notes to cover your house with sentimental messages for your husband does seem like a pretty romantic idea.

What we’re actually referring to is the wealth of different and unusual ideas that are being used by many modern wives as first anniversary gifts for their husband. So let’s start with a few relatively simple and inexpensive ideas. Some feature paper and others not, because we appreciate that not everyone is happy following tradition.

1st Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


golf ball

Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

  • a genuine golf ball and tee both dipped in 24k gold
  • a perfect complement to any golfer's display cabinet
  • ideal for mounting on a trophy

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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • produced to tournament grade standards
  • presented in an elegant high quality case

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A Cosy Home Cooked Meal for Two

And that doesn’t mean your normal fare of meat and two veg. For memorable 1st anniversary gifts for a husband you’ll need to go that extra mile. So ditch the normal offerings and try something different. Find something tasty, and treat him to a lavish feast. Don’t make your choice of food too complex, and try and find something that doesn’t mean spending hours in the kitchen. Something simple, made with local fresh ingredients, together with a bottle of his favourite tipple and you’re going to score big on the No 1 wifey list. Bring out the best linen and finest china and he’ll feel like a king.

Something Crafted with Your Own Fair Hand

What’s one of the ultimate first wedding anniversary gifts for a husband? Something you’ve made with your own two hands. A 1st year anniversary gift that you taken the time and effort to make yourself is going to be one of the most memorable gifts ever. You might already have a crafty hobby, in which case get creating. But for those of you who are a bit of a novice take a trip to your local craft store and see what inspires you. Or take a look at the many online sites with instructions and pictures on how to make some great gifts.

Take Him on a Trip

Again this doesn’t have to be expensive, but don’t let us stop you if you want to send him off on a week long cruise. Not that we’d expect you to stay at home of course. The important part of this 1st anniversary gift is that you’ll be spending time together, away from the trials of everyday life. Recharging your batteries along with your relationship. It’s probably more practical to get him in on the planning, but if you fancy packing his bags and handing him the tickets, go for it girl!

Pen a Love Letter

1st-wedding-anniversary-love-letterFor all you budding Emily Brontes and Emily Dickinson’s this’ll be a piece of cake. But if poetry or expressing your emotions comes a little on the hard side, you’re going to need a modicum of help. But don’t worry because there’s loads of help out there, and you could always make an appointment with a shrink to unlock those hidden emotions. But we’re only jesting here, because an inability to voice emotions is not something to be taken lightly. You won’t be able to write what you feel in just 10 minutes. It might take weeks of careful thought and preparation. However long it takes, take it from us that it’ll be worth every second of your time.

Find Something Sexy to Wear

While it’s only been 365 days that you’ve been married, you’ve probably got used to wearing the same old things – jeans and a tee-shirt most likely. Take yourself down to the local lingerie store and pick out something sexy. Truth be told, you’ll enjoying dressing up for him and he’ll definitely be excited at the prospect too.

More Ideas for 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

  • Tickets to an event of his liking – sporting, musical, theatre or cinema
  • An itinerary for a surprise trip
  • A book written by his favourite author
  • A scrapbook you can enjoy filling with memories
  • A painting or print
  • Items for the home made from recycled paper
  • A tree for the garden
  • A spoof newspaper
  • Message in a bottle
  • How to be a Good Husband gift book

Well there’s a few ideas to get you going. Just remember that your first wedding anniversary is a significant occasion. It should be a time for reflecting, strengthening your relationship and sharing the memories you’ve had so far. And of course, not forgetting making plans for the future, because there are many more years of enjoyment to come.