We’re Here to Help You Pick the Best 34 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

You’re both just 365 days away from a significant milestone in your marriage calendar. And you could be thinking of leaving all the celebration until next year. Don’t do it is our advice, because every anniversary is worthy of celebration. Admittedly, some celebrations will be bigger than others, but don’t let the occasion slide past without any recognition. Celebrating anniversaries, plays a vital role in strengthening your marriage, and can be looked on as a time to reflect. It can also be the perfect time to think about making plans for the future. You’ve made it this far, so there are bound to many more happy years together.

It has become common practice to associate anniversary years with different themes. And this tradition started a very long time ago. In the Middle Ages it was customary for a husband to give his wife a garland made of silver when reaching their 25 year wedding anniversary. Should they be fortunate enough to make it to 50 years the garland would be gold. A number of other years were also linked to certain themes, but there were also a number that missed out.

34 years as man and wife was one of those occasions, but nowadays it is popular for every anniversary year to have its own theme.

34th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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The modern theme for your husband’s 34 year anniversary gift is opal

We have the American National Retail Jeweler Association to thank for today’s very comprehensive list. In 1937 they came up with the idea of introducing a more extensive list and the modern list of anniversary themes was born. If you’re looking for a modern 34th wedding anniversary gift for your husband your theme is the gemstone opal.

What are opals and where do they come from?
The opal is the national gemstone of Australia, and it is also the birthstone for October. It is believed that the name opal comes from the Sanskrit word ‘upala’, which means precious stone. Also, it is thought that the Greek derivative word ‘opallios’ may have had some significance, and that word means to see a change of color.

opal anniversary gift gemstoneMany people think that opals bring bad luck and are an evil stone, but that is not true at all. As the myth came about following the publication of a novel by Sir Walter Scott in 1829. It was called Anne of Geierstein, and told the tale of Lady Hermione. She was wrongly accused of being a demoness. And when a drop of holy water fell on the opal she was wearing its color was destroyed, and she died shortly after. The novel was very popular in its time and people quickly associated the opal with bad luck and death. Which had a considerable effect on the sales of this beautiful gemstone for many years. In Europe sales dropped by 50%. And for many years the opal was tarnished with this belief.

50 years later an amazing black opal was found in Australia and the opal market began to enjoy a revival, as the stone took the world by storm. Australia is actually the biggest supplier of black and white opals on the market today.

As with many of the themes associated with modern anniversary gifts the materials tend to be best given in the form of jewelry.

An opal item of jewelry to give to your husband for his 34 year anniversary gift

If your husband isn’t a great lover of jewelry, many of the modern themes are not going to be taken literally. You don’t want to give your husband jewelry if he’s never going to wear it. Your anniversary gift is therefore going to require some thinking. And maybe some of that will have to be out of the box. An opal colored gift is going to be appropriate, or you could take a vacation in Australia, and visit a working opal mine. If you decide to pick an opal colored gift then your options are almost endless. As opals come in a wide range of colors, from white to black and various shades in between.

To finish we’ll share a few of our favorite ideas, of things to do with your husband on your 34th wedding anniversary.

34 Year Wedding Anniversary Relaxing Gift

  • Watch your wedding video, or look through some of your wedding photographs and enjoy talking about one of the most important days in your married life
  • Plan a date night, either to the movies, to watch a show, or listen to some live music
  • Organize a weekend getaway from it all and return feeling truly relaxed
  • Spend some relaxing time together and reconnect

Anniversaries are a chance to celebrate your love, and giving each other gifts is a big part of the equation. Try and spend every year doing something meaningful and memorable.