12 Months After Celebrating a Quarter Century, It’s Time to Consider a 26th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Just another day? Who are you kidding? Certainly not us, and probably not your husband either. It may have been a significant milestone last year. After all, being married for quarter of a century is a sizeable achievement. It would be an option to let this year pass without any fanfares or trumpets, but surely that’s taking the easy way out? Don’t you think every year deserves celebration? Here at anniversarygiftsforhusband.com we agree that every year is worthy of recognition. Whether it’s one year, twenty one years, or fifty two.

Wedding anniversaries are, without doubt, very special moments for married couples. And a popular way to express feelings is by exchanging gifts. The best gifts for such occasions are those that express love and care. You might consider choosing gifts for your husband a little challenging, but it shouldn’t be that way, because there are hundreds of gifts a man would consider perfectly acceptable.

Choose to purchase something materialistic for his 26th wedding anniversary gift, or pick something with a memory or emotion attached. Nobody knows your husband better than you, so it’s all down to you girl, so get shopping. To help in your quest we’ll be looking some of the popular themes associated with 26 year wedding anniversary gifts.

26th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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Themes associated with a 26th wedding anniversary

It has become common practice for themes to be linked with anniversary years, and the tradition started hundreds of years ago. Historically, only the most significant anniversary years were recognized with their own special theme, but over the years many more have been added. Nowadays, almost every year has its own special theme. For a twenty sixth anniversary there is no traditional theme, but the modern themes are original photographs and artwork. Jade is another theme that has become popular for 26 year anniversary gifts.

Give your husband an original piece of art for a 26 year anniversary gift

art for anniversary giftIf you’re blessed with some artistic talent then this year you’re all set to give him the best 26th wedding anniversary gift ever. Paint him a picture, either of a special event, a place or a personal interpretation of one of your wedding photographs. We appreciate that not everyone will blessed with sufficient talent, but don’t worry if you’re one of them., because you’ve still got plenty of options.

The computer age has made giving artwork, or photographs really easy. Even for those with little expertise. Scan an image or photograph into your computer, and use one of the many software programs available to enhance or manipulate the picture. Then all you need to do is get it printed. And you can even have a print made that looks just like it’s been painted. And if you want it printed on something other than a piece of paper, you’ve still got a wealth of choices Stationery, pillowcases, t-shirts, towels, bed linen, and mugs are just a few of the options.

Personalized photographic gifts for his 26th wedding anniversary gift

We all love taking photographs, but unfortunately so many are left to gather dust at the back of the cupboard. Have you got a box of old photographs that never see the light of day? Surprise your husband by picking out some of your favorites and presenting them in a frame. Some of them are bound to be meaningful, and if you think he’d prefer them printed onto a gift that won’t be a problem either. Take a trip to a local print store and have your choice of photos printed onto dinner plates, coffee mugs, keyrings, or cushions.

There are a number of other photography related gifts you can give your husband for a 26 year wedding anniversary gift.

  • boudoir photoshoot for your husband anniversary giftPersonalized calendar – Pick a different photograph of your husband or you for every month and this will be a gift that can be used for more than a week. You might want to choose photographs that will remind him of family vacations, memorable events such as Christmas, or a photograph you had taken when you first met.
  • An anniversary collage – Chart the history of your relationship, with a collection of photographs from when you first met right up to the present day.
  • A boudoir photoshoot – This will be a very personal 26th wedding anniversary gift for your husband. And may really be for his eyes only. A number of professional photographers offer this special service, and the photos taken will be very special.

Give your husband a gemstone for his 26 year anniversary gift

Jade is one of the modern themes for 26 year anniversary gifts. Natural jade is a mineral that is colored green, but fabricated jade also comes in yellow, lavender, orange, black, and red. Your husband is bound to be impressed with a pair of jade cufflinks, or he might prefer a jade paperweight or carved item. If he’s not into gemstones, perhaps he’d prefer a gift that is the same color as jade. Such as a silk shirt, boxer shorts, or jade green sweater.

Choosing anniversary gifts for your husband doesn’t have to be a chore. And things are always easier with a bit of help. Which is exactly why we’re here. Take a look at some of our other pages if you’re still stuck for ideas. As we’ve got lots of great ones to share with all our readers.