18 Years as Man and Wife – Time to Find the Perfect Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Now that your 18th wedding anniversary is fast approaching, you must be on the search for an appropriate gift to give your husband. Many anniversary years are linked with certain materials, and these themes can be used for inspiration. However, an 18 year anniversary was not traditionally celebrated, which led to a modern theme being chosen in the 1930s. After all, it’s only two years away from two decades, so it deserves recognition. An eighteenth wedding anniversary is no less important than the traditional milestones of twenty five and fifty years.

An 18 year wedding anniversary gift should remind your husband how much you love him, and appreciate the years you’ve spent together. As well as show how much you’re looking forward to many more. The modern theme for an 18th wedding anniversary gift for your husband is porcelain, while the gemstone is called cat’s eye.

18th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


golf ball

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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
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Porcelain 18th anniversary gifts for your husband

porcelain for wedding anniversary giftYou may be wondering what porcelain is, so let’s see if we can explain the qualities that make it different from pottery. Porcelain is a ceramic material. It is made by heating materials, one of which is usually kaolin, to a very high temperature, in a kiln. It differs in terms of strength and translucence, from other types of pottery, because of the way the mineral mullite forms and vitrification arises at such high temperatures.

In some English speaking countries, porcelain is also known as china or fine china. This is because China was the birthplace of porcelain. It has a number of unique qualities, including elasticity, hardness, whiteness, translucency, and resonance. Porcelain can be used for homeware, decorative items, jewelry and fine art objects.

It might be difficult to find a decorative or homeware item that will impress your husband, but it won’t be hard to find a porcelain inspired gift for him. If you’ve got porcelain tiles in the bathroom, then he might enjoy a new shaving kit. If there are porcelain tiles in the kitchen, then consider a gift that will encourage his culinary skills. Or you could offer to pay for an all-over bathroom or kitchen renovation. We appreciate this isn’t going to suit everyone’s budget, so consider starting on a much smaller scale, by replacing just a few things.

How is porcelain made?
The main ingredient is generally kaolin. Other materials include quartz, alabaster, feldspar, or glass. The actual composition can vary considerably, but on the whole kaolinite is the major raw material. A number of different methods are used in the manufacture of porcelain items.

  • Forming – There are four common methods used for forming the porcelain shapes: soft plastic forming, stiff plastic forming, pressing, or casting. Which one is used depends on the type of item being produced.
  • Glazing – Glazing a porcelain item is not necessary for them to be impermeable to liquids. A glaze is usually applied for decorative purposes, and to make them more stain and dirt resistant.
  • Decoration – The decoration can be under or over the top of the glaze. Under the glaze certain pigments are used that include cobalt or copper. For decoration on top of the glaze colored enamels are usually used.
  • Firing – This is the final stage in the manufacture of porcelain, and involves the porcelain item being heated to a high temperature. Porcelain is fired at a much higher temperature than earthenware, in order for the body to vitrify and become non-porous.

anniversary gift for your husband - golden golf ball

An 18 year anniversary gift for him using cat’s eye

The gemstone often associated with an 18 year anniversary is cat’s eye. The coloring of this stone resembles the eye of a cat. The stone is a translucent yellowish chatoyant chrysoberyl. Cat’s eye became a popular stone towards the end of the 19th century. An engagement ring made using the stone was given by the Duke of Connaught, and this was enough to increase the stone’s value and popularity. Nowadays, cat’s eye can be found in men’s jewelry, including watches, tie pins, rings, and cufflinks. If he’s not really into wearing jewelry you could always get him a cat for his 18 year wedding anniversary gift.

a surprise for 18 year anniversarySay how much you love him with numbers

Not everyone reading this will want to follow traditions, but still want a gift that ties in with the number of anniversary years. So consider using numerology. In this case you would add the numbers 1 and 8 together to make 9, which is a number associated with talents, either artistic, writing, or other expressions of creativity. So write your husband a love letter, poem, or sing him a love song. Or you could create a collage of things that remind you of him.

However you choose to celebrate, we hope this year will be as memorable as all the others. And with our help it could be the start of better gifts to come.