Your Ninth Wedding Anniversary is Fast Approaching – Better Get Your Skates on and Find Him a Gift

Have you made the mistake of leaving your anniversary gift choice to the last minute and now you don’t know what to buy? Or have you got the luxury of months to ponder your gift choice, but are struggling to think of anything other than cologne and socks? For both of these scenarios and plenty more we’re here to make things far easier.

9th wedding anniversaryIt’s become common practice for people to follow gift lists when it comes to choosing presents to give for certain anniversaries. Historically, it has been only the most significant that received any attention. When the custom first began it was really only the fiftieth and twenty fifth anniversary that was considered worthy of celebration. Gold and silver garlands were given on such an occasion, by the husband to his wife. Over the following years, a number of other years received recognition, but there were still some gaps.

In the early 1900s a further list was compiled, and every anniversary year up to twenty five, and every fifth year after, was given its own specific theme. Thankfully, a ninth wedding anniversary is one of the years that was considered laudable, which means you’ve more themes to choose from. If, of course, you’re planning to follow the same route as many others before you. The choice of 9 year anniversary gift for your husband is entirely your choice. There’s no pressure to follow any particular route, just make sure your gift is special to him.

The traditional themes for your husband’s 9th wedding anniversary gift are pottery and copper. While the modern list gives leather goods as the theme.

9th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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A traditional 9 year wedding anniversary gift for him has symbolic meaning

9th anniversary gift for a manThe underlying meaning behind the traditional theme of pottery is water. Water is the giver of life, and is strong and enduring. Whatever terrain it flows through it adapts and changes but continues to flow. Water also symbolizes cleansing and purity of the body and mind. Marriage is very similar, in that it is loving and giving, and both partners have to constantly adapt and renew their commitment to each other, and the strength of their union.

A pottery gift may be difficult to find for your husband, as the majority of it relates to home decor. However, there is an option that will keep him warm on cold nights, but still allow him to enjoy being outside. An outdoor hearth made of pottery will be a very practical and useful gift. And you can decorate it yourself with a handpainted message.

Copper is another traditional 9 year anniversary theme. Copper is a reddish-orange metal that is very soft and malleable. Which means it is often made into very attractive gifts.

Leather gifts for the modern husband’s 9th anniversary gift

If your husband is a man who likes to stay up to date, and in with the latest trends, he may be more interested in leather goods as a choice for his 9 year anniversary gift. If he’s a motorcycle enthusiast, then buy him some new riding leathers. Otherwise consider a belt, wallet, journal, or shoes. Is your husband a bit of a traveler? Give him a leather travel bag and matching passport holder for his 9 year wedding anniversary gift, a leather strapped watch, or a leather camera bag. Other options include a leather briefcase, laptop bag, personal organizer or desk accessories made from leather. If he has a favorite photograph, then present it in a leather picture frame.

A semi-precious stone with an intense color blue for his 9th anniversary gift

Lapis Lazuli is a semi-precious stone that is linked with a 9th anniversary, which makes it a good choice for a gift. It has been mined in Afghanistan and exported since Neolithic times. Beads made from this beautiful blue stone have been found dating to the 7th millennium BC. In Ancient Egypt it was a favorite stone for amulets and ornaments, for example scarabs. Jewelry and accessories for men, for example cufflinks, rings and watches look stunning when made using this gorgeous blue colored stone.

There are still plenty of other options if you think your husband would prefer a less traditional gift. There are a variety of romantic, unusual, and thoughtful gifts to choose from. Think about choosing a gift that relates to a hobby or interest. He might enjoy two tickets to a concert or sporting event. He may even take you along. Why not give him a gift certificate for a craft or hobby store so he can stock up on the things he needs?

Every anniversary is a special occasion, and you can add to the meaning of the day by choosing the right gift for your husband. After all, he’s probably going all out to find you a gift as well. So it’s only fair that you return the favor.