“Out With the Old, In With the New” – An Item of Furniture for Your Husband’s 29th Wedding Anniversary Gift

You’ve almost made it to your three decade celebration, but don’t let your 29th wedding anniversary pass without suitable recognition. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear many of you admit you’re all out of ideas. Which is why we’re here to share some of our favorite suggestions. Don’t feel embarrassed that you’re stuck for ideas. It happens to the best of us, especially when you consider you’ve been buying him awesome gifts for 29 years. You’re also in luck because the theme for a 29th wedding anniversary is a little unusual. And possibly something you’ve never thought of giving as a gift to your husband.

There are no traditional themes linked to 29 years of marriage, but the modern alternative is furniture. So if your husband has an item of furniture in dire need of replacing, it’s time to go to the furniture store and update, refurbish, or buy him some furniture he’s always longed to own.

29th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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Tips on picking furniture for a 29th wedding anniversary gift for your husband

Furniture isn’t a gift that most would consider romantic. But it is extremely practical, which is a great quality to have if you’re looking for a gift for a man. On the whole they love to receive gifts that are useful, and what could be more useful than an item of furniture. Furniture was chosen for the modern 29 year anniversary theme because it represents security, familiarity, stability, and the comfort of your relationship. Picking the right piece won’t be too taxing, if you bear the following in mind:

  • Just because you like it, doesn’t automatically mean your husband will follow
  • Decide on a budget, and stick with it
  • Consider his preferences and his own sense of style
  • Don’t forget that furniture isn’t just for indoors, as there is a wide range of garden furniture that may suit your husband
  • Have you any crafty skills you can use to make something yourself?
  • Would he appreciate something he can use at the office?
  • If your husband has a favorite color, find a piece of furniture to match
  • Does your husband have an interest in antiques, art, or collectibles?

You really are in the best position for buying your husband a 29th wedding anniversary gift. Nobody knows him better than you do, so you’ve already got a head start. However, if that still doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in your choice of gift, there are still a few options:

  • You always have the option of asking him what he’d like in the way of furniture, but this is going to spoil any intended surprise
  • Give him a gift certificate and he can take a trip to the furniture store and buy his own piece of furniture
  • Stay well away from furniture, and think of something else to give him for a 29 year wedding anniversary gift

floral anniversary giftWe’ll happily admit that buying furniture for your husband won’t be the easiest of gifts you’ll buy, especially if you consider your home already full to the rafters. But were some of the items gracing your home given as wedding presents. That means they’re now nearly thirty years old, so isn’t it about time you thought about replacing them? And why not go furniture shopping together? Take your husband out for the day. Include lunch and maybe even dinner afterwards. If you buy the gift together, you’ll be able to find the perfect addition for your marital home. You could also be a bit sneaky by visiting various furniture stores and listening to his opinion. Don’t buy anything there and then, but surprise him with a furniture delivery.
One last suggestion, while we’re on the subject of furniture. If you think your husband would enjoy being introduced to a new hobby, enroll him in some furniture making classes, and he can have a go at making some furniture himself.

What are you planning for next year’s big anniversary celebration? As it’s your thirtieth anniversary you might be anticipating sharing the occasion with family and friends. So this year, why not do something together?

Organize a getaway for the two of you, before you celebrate next year’s milestone with family and friends

anniversary wedding trip giftNext year is your 30th wedding anniversary, and many couples choose to celebrate with family and friends. Which makes this year the perfect excuse for the two of you to get away together, and enjoy each others company.

Enjoy a second honeymoon and return to the location of your first honeymoon. Or think about visiting a place you’ve both been longing to visit. Don’t fret if your budget and time constraints won’t allow for an extended vacation. Just a few days away from it all will leave you both refreshed and ready to tackle another year of married life together.