Tin, Aluminium or Diamonds – Which Would Your Husband Prefer?

The 10th wedding anniversary is considered by most to be a significant milestone in your relationship. Tin or aluminum are the traditional symbols associated with this momentous occasion. “Why tin?” we hear you ask. Tin is used to symbolise the purity of your marriage. It is also because tin, and aluminium, are known for being pliable, resistant to corrosion and low in toxicity. Just like these materials, your marriage has shown its flexibility in reaching this important stage. You might be thinking that it’s going to be difficult finding suitable 10th wedding anniversary gifts for a husband, but this isn’t so. Pewter is mostly made from tin, which opens up your options even more.

The modern take on a 10th wedding anniversary gift for a husband is diamonds.While they may be considered a girl’s best friend, we don’t think there are going to be many men that would turn down a diamond ring, cufflinks or tie-pin. These beautiful stones reflect perfectly the importance of this great milestone.

10th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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Symbols Associated With a 10th Wedding Anniversary

  • Traditional gift – tin or aluminum
  • Modern gift – diamond
  • Gemstone – crystal, green tourmaline or blue sapphires
  • Colour – silver or blue
  • Flower – Daffodil

Wondering What to Buy for a 10th Anniversary Gift for Your Husband?


Your 10th wedding anniversary is an important stage in your marriage, so it’s definitely worth celebrating. But after 10 years you’re probably running short on a few ideas. So let’s give you a little help.

Tin Gifts for Your Husband

When you’re looking for a traditional 10th wedding anniversary gift, you also have the option of pewter, as this material can contain as much as 94% tin. So that opens up a whole new line of gift options such as a pewter tankard, hip flask or goblet. When it comes to buying something made from tin, you can choose from unique items of jewellery, cufflinks, picture frames. Or why not go a little off track and bake him a batch of his favourite cookies and present them as a gift in a tin. And of course there’s always tins of sweets, candy, or chocolate.

Aluminium 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for a Husband

This is a more modern material associated with a 10th anniversary and opens up a lot more options. If he’s a bit of a fitness fanatic why not buy him an aluminium framed bicycle? Or maybe he prefers to take it easy by the riverbank, so an aluminium fishing rod might be more appropriate. There’s always a pair of designer sunglasses, with aluminium frames. Does he like nothing better than a glass of beer to end the day? Get him a months supply of his favourite beer, in aluminium cans of course.

Diamonds are for the Modern Guy

Buy your husband a diamond tie pin with matching cufflinks. Or how about updating his wedding ring and buying one that has diamonds? There is always the option of buying him a diamond studded watch, if you think it’s not too over the top. You can even have the back engraved with a special message.


Gifts are More Unique if Personalised

After 10 years of being together you must have a few favourite photos and memories that are worth keeping on show to remind yourselves of all the good times, and spur you on to enjoying many more. Put together a large collage of holidays snaps, family photos and not forgetting pictures of your wedding day. Or you could buy him 10 small gifts, one for each year of marriage. You should know by now what your husband likes and dislikes so gather a few gifts together and gift him a hamper. It could contain some of his favourite foods and snacks, bottles of beer, cologne, bath time treats – it’s completely up to you.

Take Him Away on Holiday

Going away for a vacation is a great way to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary. Book 10 nights away in the hotel that you spent your honeymoon. Or go for a whirlwind trip, visiting 10 cities on the way. How about pushing the boat out and travelling to Mexico, where you can fill your boots with tin souvenirs.

How Best To Celebrate Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

Marriages can be fun, and the good times are always interspersed with some bad. But congratulations are in order, because you’ve remained steadfast to each other, and are still happily married after 10 long years. This is the first big milestone – married for a decade is a great achievement. One worthy of celebration that’s for sure. You can make it a really special one by following some simple tips……….

  • Recreate your honeymoon – when you were newly married your honeymoon was the start of your journey together, so step back in time and recreate the event. Hopefully the place that you visited is still accessible, and it might be that the place you stayed is still in business. If you weren’t lucky enough to have a honeymoon first time round, then pack your bags and go and have a belated one now.
  • We’ve already touched on the idea of traditional and modern gifts, but there are also gemstones and flowers associated with the 10th anniversary. The daffodil is the flower associated with a 10th wedding anniversary, who knows he might really love a bunch of those, as something completely different. Silver and blue are the colours that symbolise 10 years of married life, so why not buy him a new blue shirt or tie?
  • Buy some tickets to a sporting or music event, and make a weekend of it by booking yourselves into a hotel.
  • Have a romantic candlelight dinner at home, just the two of you – don’t forget to pack the kids off to their grandparents.
  • Pack a picnic and go and sit in the woods, by the river or on the beach. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but a bottle of champagne won’t go amiss.
  • You made it to 10 years, and we wish you all the best, and hope that there are many more anniversaries to come.