Don’t Dismiss Your 17th Wedding Anniversary Just Because There’s no Traditional Theme

While there may be a lack of traditional themes for a 17th wedding anniversary, the modern theme is very practical. Which is going to score big with your husband, because men love to receive gifts they can use. The modern theme is furniture, and after 17 years of wedded bliss, it’s highly likely that some of the furniture you set up home with is looking a little worn. It’s also likely that there are a few items of furniture you’ve realized you can’t do without, but haven’t got round to picking them yet.

Furniture shopping may not sound very exciting or romantic, but it is something you could do together, and you could always make a special occasion of it by going out to lunch, dining out in the evening, or making a special journey for your purchase. Take it as a challenge to make the day as meaningful as possible.

17th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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  • ideal for mounting on a trophy

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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Modern 17th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband

Buying your husband a piece of furniture for his 17 year wedding anniversary gift may sound a little boring. But let’s see if we can spark your interest with a few topical ideas.

  • A bookcase – A place for his collection of reading material
  • Patio furniture – For those long summer days, so he has somewhere to relax
  • A desk – For the guy who works at home or one who spends hours on the computer
  • An entertainment center – He’ll pleased to finally have somewhere to store all his gadgets
  • A new bed – And that includes a new mattress, because research has shown the average lifespan of a mattress is less than 15 years, so yours must be feeling a little worn by now
  • A bar – The perfect addition for his man cave
  • Folding chairs – No more embarrassing smiles when you drag these out of the garage, or your husband can easily pop them in the trunk of the car and take them when he watches his favorite sporting events

Buying a new piece of furniture for your home will be a great gift to yourself and each other. However, we completely understand you may prefer to leave furniture shopping to another far less significant day. So what are your other options?

Citrine or amethyst for his 17 year anniversary gift

As is often the case when it comes to anniversary gifts, there is always the option of a gemstone. And for a 17th anniversary gift for him the gemstones are citrine and amethyst. Most of you reading this will have heard of amethysts, but do you know anything about citrine?

citrine for anniversary giftCitrine is actually a variety of quartz. It ranges in color from a pale yellow to brown, and the hue is determined by ferric impurities. It is very rare to find natural citrines. Most of those available commercially are heat-treated amethysts or smoky quartzes. A natural citrine will have a cloudy or smoky appearance, whereas a heat-treated amethyst will have small lines inside. The largest producer of citrine is Brazil, mainly the state Rio Grande do Sul. On very rare occasions a citrine and amethyst are found together in the same crystal. This is called an Ametrine. Citrine has also been called the money stone, or merchant’s stone, as it was thought it would bring the holder great wealth. Citrine can be made into dazzling jewelry for him, including cufflinks, tie pins, rings, and watches.

Amethysts are another variety of quartz, but this stone has a purple or violet hue. It was thought by the Ancient Greeks to have the power of counteracting the effects of alcohol when worn. It is also believed to have a calming or soothing effect. Crystal healers use this stone to aid creative thinking, healing, and spiritual awareness. It is thought to clear the mind, raise the spirit and protect against negativity. The amethyst is also the birthstone for Aquarius, and the gemstone linked with St Valentine’s Day.

If you think your husband won’t be wanting a gemstone for his 17th wedding anniversary gift, you could always choose something in the gemstone colors. Options include clothing, bed linen, hats, scarves, picture frames, bags, or sneakers.

You don’t have to stick with a theme for a 17th wedding anniversary gift for your husband

24K Gold Golf Ball and Tea SetAs you glance through our site you’ll be bombarded with themes that are either traditional or modern. Are there any rules to state you have to follow the themes. Absolutely not, this is your anniversary so it’s up to you how you celebrate. You might want to organize a family get together, or would prefer something far more low key. It all depends on the preferences of you both, as to what kind of gifts you give to each other. Who knows, you might prefer not to celebrate at all, but check that you’re on the same page as your partner. Or there will be tears before bedtime, and possibly one half of the relationship forced to sleep on the couch.