How to Make Him Feel Special with Your 7th Anniversary Gifts for a Husband

When it comes to buying wedding anniversary gifts for your husband, there is lots of help available. Here at our aim is to help you overcome your fears and find a gift that will reflect your feelings. Many of you reading this will be struggling to come up with suitable ideas, which is why we’ll be featuring some of our favorite ones, as well as offering some friendly advice. Problems can seem insurmountable, but when you’ve got some help it will be a walk in the park.

Men aren’t the easiest creatures to buy gifts for. But let’s face it, neither are females. We sympathize completely, as most of us here have struggled with the same dilemma. But over the years we’ve become quite expert, and would love you to feel the emotion that comes with a well chosen gift.

There are traditional and modern themes linked with a seventh wedding anniversary, and these are a great place to start.

7th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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Consider traditional and modern themes when picking 7 year anniversary gifts for your husband

On the whole seven is considered a lucky number, or at least a special one. If you take a look back in history, seven is frequently referred to in religion, culture and ancient civilization. As you’re about to celebrate your 7th wedding anniversary, why not make your husband feel special too?

The traditional gift list includes wool and copper as the relevant theme, and the modern list has desk sets and pen and pencil sets as a more contemporary alternative.

Wool and copper are the traditional 7 year anniversary themes

7th wedding anniversaryIf your wedding anniversary is when the weather is cold, then wool seems perfect. Pick him a wool blanket, scarf, gloves, sweater, socks, or a hat to keep him warm when the weather gets chilly. And if your anniversary takes place when the weather is scorching hot, then take him for a vacation to a colder climate, and he’ll have every opportunity to put your woolen gift to good use. Wool represents the warmth, security, durability, and comfort that a man and wife give each other. A Roman bride would touch their new threshold with wool for good luck.

Seven rare copper pennies would be a thoughtful gift if your husband happens to be a coin collector. Otherwise, there are copper baskets, cufflinks, bracelets, statues and wall art that he’ll be proud to wear or display. Copper represents good luck, good fortune, and prosperity. It is also known for its healing powers.

Many of you ladies will be thinking that the modern theme of desk sets seems a little impersonal. But men actually enjoy receiving gifts that are practical and will come in useful, so for the man in your life pick one made using his favorite material. It could be wood, glass, or a precious metal. You can always expand on the desk set theme, by adding the gift of a laptop bag, briefcase, computer or accessories.

As well as these themes there are also flowers and gemstones linked with certain wedding anniversary years. The flower is a freesia and the gemstone is onyx.


Pick your husband a 7th wedding anniversary gift made using onyx

If your husband enjoys wearing jewelry, something that includes the 7 year anniversary gemstone will be a wonderful gift for him. Onyx is a stunning gemstone with many color variations. Black is the most recognized, but it is available in a range of other colors, including red, and semi-clear. The stone is thought to provide protection for a relationship.

Onyx doesn’t just lend itself to jewelry. It can also be crafted into beautiful art. By giving your husband onyx for a 7th anniversary gift you’ll be showing him that he is safe from hurt and harm and you consider your relationship is a harmonious one.

Freesias for the garden lovers 7th wedding anniversary gift

pen 7th anniversary husbandWhile there are many men who would run a mile from a woman who gives him flowers for an anniversary gift, there are many who would welcome such a gift with open arms. Freesias are meant to express friendship and innocence, and respect and trust. Four things that will be evident in your marriage. Otherwise you wouldn’t have made it as far as you have. Over the years you have learned to give and take, compromise, and rely on each other because you have a bond of loyalty and trust. If your husband is a gardener then buy him freesias to plant in the garden. Every year when they come into flower he’ll be reminded of you and your love.

Now you’re armed with a few 7th anniversary gift ideas for your husband, picking the right one is all down to you. Consider his preferences and interests and pick a gift he’ll be able to put to good use. Or a gift he’ll be proud to have on display, for many years into the future.