Two Decades of Married Life – Celebrate With a 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Two decades ago, you stood at the altar and vowed to stay together till death do you part. You should consider yourselves a seasoned married couple, now that you’ve got two decades under your belt. How are you planning to celebrate such a momentous occasion? We hope it’s by giving him the perfect 20 year anniversary gift. It’s definitely worth celebrating and a great way to do this is by exchanging gifts. To help you find a gift with meaning, there are a number of themes you can use for inspiration. And we’ll be sharing them here on this page. Along with some helpful ideas that will get your gift juices flowing, and the right gift will be within your reach.

Twenty years is a long time to spend with one person, and over the years you’ve found a number of great gifts for your man. Don’t worry if you’re at a bit of a loss for something different because we’re here to help.

20th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


golf ball

Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

  • a genuine golf ball and tee both dipped in 24k gold
  • a perfect complement to any golfer's display cabinet
  • ideal for mounting on a trophy

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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
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Traditional 20 year wedding anniversary gifts for your husband

China is the traditional theme for a 20th wedding anniversary gift, but it’s likely your husband isn’t going to be too impressed with a china dinner service. But don’t consider this a reason to give up on the traditional theme, as there are gifts that will put a smile on his face and still be linked with the traditional theme. If your man is a coffee addict, he is sure to appreciate a personalized china coffee mug. He may also like a china keepsake box in which he can store his precious items. If you want to be really creative you could buy two tickets and take him on a vacation in China. And if such an extravagant location is out of your budget, you could take him for a Chinese meal.

The modern theme for a 20th wedding anniversary gift for him

Platinum is the theme for a 20th wedding anniversary, and it embodies strength and endurance. Making it a perfect match for your long term commitment to each other. There is of course, a wide range of platinum jewelry to choose for his gift, but other options include platinum coins, or platinum colored appliances. Yes, it’s still ok to choose a gift that is platinum colored rather than made from the metal itself.

A brief history of platinum
24K Gold Golf Ball and Tea Set
The first references to Platinum in history are found in the writings of an Italian physician, poet, and scholar, Julius Caesar Scaliger, (1484-1558). He wrote about a visit to Central America in 1557, where he first saw platinum. It was being used by the natives, and they gave it the name platina (little silver). The natives actually thought it a bit of a nuisance, as it got in the way of their gold and mining efforts.

The first full description of platinum didn’t appear until the early 1700s. Spanish military leader Don Antonia de Ulloa served in South America between 1735 and 1746, and while there he collected samples of platinum. He wrote a report later that described how it was mined and used.

Reports of this hard metal spread across Europe, and it had scientists enthralled. It was resistant to corrosion and was extremely beautiful. But it wasn’t just the scientists that had been captured by its beauty. Jewelers found it could be used to make amazing items, that were just as stunning as gold or silver. And it is extremely malleable and ductile, making it ideal for intricate work. It can actually be hammered into sheets thinner than aluminium foil.

Some of you reading this might prefer to give your husband a gift that is more personal for your 20th anniversary.
happy 20th anniversary

Meaningful 20th wedding anniversary gifts for your husband

There are bound to be a few of you that would prefer to move away from the traditional or modern anniversary themes. You’d rather stick with a gift that has special meaning for the both of you. It might be a good idea to sit down before the big day and see if there’s something you can enjoy together. Has the football season just started? Perhaps he’d appreciate tickets for a couple of games, and you can tag along and enjoy the experience as well. There may be a location you’ve both been longing to visit. Well, now’s the time to get in the car and go there. Think back over some of your previous memorable experiences and try and recreate them with a special kind of gift.

photo memoriesIt won’t hurt to put your heart and sole into a homemade anniversary gift

A gift that is made with love will possibly be the most special gift of all. All those photos you’ve got sat in the closet could be presented to your husband in an anniversary album. Or perhaps there are a few of his favorite meals you can throw together for a romantic anniversary meal. Have you got a special talent? Can you find the words to write a love letter or poem, or sing him a song that will express your love for him? A gift that includes a message from your heart will be truly memorable.