Surprise Your Husband, by Giving Him Pearls for his 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Three decades as man and wife and you’ve found yourself all out of ideas for a 30th wedding anniversary gift for your husband. Not surprising really, and certainly not something to feel ashamed about. Lucky for you there are a number of special themes associated with a thirtieth wedding anniversary. Pick the traditional route and find a gift relating to pearls. Or if you think your husband would prefer a modern theme you have the option of buying him diamonds. We should also mention there is nothing that says you have to follow a theme, which opens up a whole heap of other options. Here on this page we will concentrate on gifts relating to the themes, but there are plenty of other pages you can turn to for inspiration.

30th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


golf ball

Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

  • a genuine golf ball and tee both dipped in 24k gold
  • a perfect complement to any golfer's display cabinet
  • ideal for mounting on a trophy

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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • produced to tournament grade standards
  • presented in an elegant high quality case

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A 30 year anniversary gift for your husband made using pearls

Natural pearls have for many years been valued for their beauty and rarity. Cultured pearls have made a gift of pearls far more affordable. Either type can be given to your husband for his 30th anniversary gift.

What are pearls and how are they formed?
There are basically three types of pearl – natural, cultured and imitation. Natural pearls are the most expensive. Cultured pearls are no less beautiful, but are far more affordable. And with regards imitation pearls, you want to be sure what you’re buying.

pearl anniversary giftNatural pearls are formed when an irritant finds its way inside the shell of a mussel, oyster, or clam. More often than not it’s a parasite. Some of you may have heard that it’s a grain of sand that starts the process but this is not true. Once this foreign body finds its way in, the defense mechanism of the mollusc kicks in and a fluid is made that coats the irritant. This fluid is called ‘nacre’ and forms into many layers, until a pearl is formed.

With cultured pearls it is human intervention that causes the fluid to be created. A bead or piece of Mother of Pearl is surgically implanted inside the mollusc, and the chain reaction starts. A top quality pearl can take as long as 3 years to form. A lower quality pearl will be one that is only given one year before the pearl is harvested. The layer of ‘nacre’ is much thinner.

Pearls can be found in freshwater or saltwater. There are a few minor differences. Saltwater pearls tend to be rounder, with better nacre. Whereas freshwater pearls are a more irregular shape and are reminiscent of puffed rice. However, improvements are constantly being made, and recent techniques make the differences far less noticeable.

One last snippet of information regarding buying pearls is to keep a close look out for imitations. Which are nothing like the real thing. Generally, fake pearls are just glass beads that have been dipped in a solution containing fish scales. Eventually the coating will wear off because it is so thin. A quick way of determining whether a pearl is real or fake is to rub it across the teeth. If it’s fake it will glide across your teeth. Whereas a real pearl will feel gritty.

Pearl gifts for him, for your 30 year wedding anniversary

excellent anniversary gift for himWhen you think of pearl gifts the first things that spring to mind are pearl necklaces and earrings. Possibly not the most appropriate 30th anniversary gift for your husband. So how about we offer up a few alternatives.

  • Pearl cufflinks
  • Pearl faced watch
  • Trip to the Pearl Islands, a group of more than 200 islands and islets off the Pacific Coast of Panama
  • Pearl tie pin
  • Pearl money clip
  • Pearl picture frame with his favorite picture
  • Chess or backgammon set with Mother of Pearl inlay
  • Pearlized poker chips

We fully appreciate pearls may not be your husband’s prefered gift of choice, so don’t forget there are diamonds too.

Diamond gifts for your husband on the happy occasion of your 30 year anniversary

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so they say. But they are also a symbol of power. It was believed, long ago, that wearing diamonds into battle would bring the wearer strength, Protective power was thought to be another quality they possessed, particularly against supernatural forces and enemies. In the modern world we are far less superstitious, and diamonds have come to be a symbol of love.

So why not give your husband a gift containing diamonds? As a true symbol of how much you care. Their sparkle and brilliance will look stunning when added to a set of gold or silver cufflinks, a pendant or a ring.

Whatever you decide to give your husband for your thirtieth wedding anniversary gift, we wish you both many more years of happiness together. And we hope to help with your gift giving woes, in all the years to come.