Traditional and Modern Gifts Ideas for a 13th Wedding Anniversary

Unlucky for some, but definitely not for you, as you are soon to be celebrating your thirteenth wedding anniversary. You’ve made it past the significant milestone of a decade, your kids are grown, and your career is well underway. Your marriage has proved to be very strong and we’d love to send you our congratulations. To help with the celebrations you might be considering buying your husband a gift.

13th wedding anniversaryThe traditional theme for a thirteenth wedding anniversary is lace. While the modern themes are textiles and furs. Lace is a delicate but strong and beautiful fabric, while textiles and fur are going to keep you warm. Pretty much like your marriage, we hope you’ll agree.

Now you know the various anniversary themes you might be wondering about your options, because you’re looking for a 13 year anniversary gift for your husband, and you’re not sure that lace is his thing.

13th Anniversary Gifts For a Husband


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Lace themed wedding anniversary gifts for a husband that are surprisingly masculine

Finding a lace gift for your husband is going to require a bit of thinking out of the box. Lace by its very nature is rather feminine, so consider instead one of the following:

  • A gift with laces – Rather than giving him a gift made using lace, give him a gift which has laces. He might appreciate a new pair of work boots, particularly if he’s got lots of gardening or building work planned. Or maybe he needs a new pair of running shoes, a new baseball glove, or a football.
  • Licorice laces – For the guy with a sweet tooth there are candy laces, and also delicious chocolate laces.
  • No-tie shoelaces – If your man is a healthy and active kind of guy he’ll love these as they are great for gym, running, hiking and golfing shoes.
  • Funky neon shoelaces – Jazz up his sneakers with a pair of neon laces, and he’ll never get lost in the dark.
  • Drawstring jogging pants – Get him a pair for lounging around at home, and for relaxing at the weekends. He’ll love the feeling of comfort.
  • Sexy lacy lingerie – For you to wear as an anniversary treat.

Faux fur – A far more ethically sound choice for his 13 year wedding anniversary gift

A gift that is made of fur is the modern theme for a 13th wedding anniversary gift for him. The fur trade is a very emotive subject for many people so a far more animal-friendly alternative is faux or fake fur. Faux fur is made using synthetic fibers, and is designed to look and feel just like fur. First manufactured in 1929, it has been available commercially since the 1950s. In recent years its popularity has increased due to its promotion by animal welfare and animal rights groups.

Faux fur gifts include clothing, stuffed animals, fashion accessories, home accessories, and craft projects. If your husband is the kind of guy that loves being outside give him a ushanka, the Russian style of hat made from faux fur and faux leather. Maybe he’d prefer a winter coat with a faux fur collar, a pair of faux fur lined driving gloves, or some fur lined boots.

A more recent alternative to fur is textiles. Pretty much any kind of clothing will fit the bill, but there are other options:

  • A new suit – Custom made if your budget will allow
  • A painting on canvas – This is a thoughtful way to express your love, particularly if your husband has a favorite artist
  • Handmade item – If you’re a bit of a whizz at sewing use your skill to make your husband a gift for your thirteenth wedding anniversary


It’s more than OK to stray from the usual themes, providing you bear a few things in mind

fishing gift for 12th Wedding AnniversaryThe gift police aren’t going to be knocking on your door if you decide not to give your husband an anniversary themed gift. However, you should bear a few things in mind. Think about his interests and buy a gift he’ll find useful. If he loves fishing then you could buy him a new fishing rod or some helpful fishing accessories. If he enjoys spending time in the gym, then a pair of sneakers might be preferable.

Many people associate number 13 with bad luck, but it seems that you’ve proven them wrong. You are soon to be celebrating your thirteenth wedding anniversary, so find a gift that associates number 13 with good luck. Give him a sports jersey with the number 13 printed on it, or pick 13 smaller gifts to give. Small gifts such as a beer mug, can of beer, the latest offering from his favorite musicians, a book, and anything else you know he’ll appreciate. A romantic idea will be a candlelight dinner with his 13 favorite foods, and 13 candles.